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VF 2021 Events Digest #3

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jul 20, 2021.

By akai on Jul 20, 2021 at 8:06 PM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    30 seconds per round tournament setting!? A winning streak left unbeaten! The beginning of VF esports and a showdown between "Emperors of Combat." Events with results and/or videos that occurred during July 14 - July 18, 2021 are listed in chronological order.

    Note: The purpose of the Events Digest is to have a semi-regular summary of past events. To see upcoming events and to inform others of your events please check the sidebar or Event section on VFDC. If there is an event not listed, errors in this post, or you can provide additional information to these and future events, please do so! I will try to updated with new information when available.

    J-Cup #6 - July 14 - Online Japan | Jin experimented with the format of his weekly Wednesday events. Instead of just one tournament, he did two. The first was opened to everyone, but he changed the format of the matches to best out of three rounds with each round lasting 30 seconds. Did it make a big difference for the players participating? Ask the Shun players!

    1st Place: Zonchan (Lei)
    2nd Place: Silver Spark (Blaze)
    Semifinalists: Tugasan (Aoi) and Ron (Kage)

    At the 40 minute mark was the second tournament with the regular settings; however, it was limited to beginner/Intermediate players:

    1st Place: Gatsun (Pai)
    2nd Place: Node (KA)
    Semifinalists: Tamagon (LA) and Bell (KA) (Jin's pupil that finished second in the Virtua Master-Pupil Cup)

    Youtube Archive

    Dengeki Championship Qualifier #5 - July 16 - Online Japan | First half had Tonkatsu as guest commentator on the Pre Season Match. The tournament starts in the second half at the 1 hour mark

    1st Place: Kashin (TA)
    2nd Place: Puuta (JN)
    Semifinalists: Kaesaru (JA) / Sandwich (BL)

    Mildom Archive

    Legends Kumite #7 - July 17 - Online Japan | After Shiwa did an "All Character Kumite" on Dengeki Virtua Road, he took part in Sega's Legends Kumite. He went undefeated, winning 33 games before the episode ended. If they had continue letting people fight, how long could that streak lasted!? We will never know. Next Legends Kumite will feature the "Virtua God" Chibita!

    Youtube Archive

    1st edenfafa cup Virtua Fighter 2 Championship - July 17 | Online Korea | Don't like the latest version of Virtua Fighter or just love some older version more? Some Korean players participated in an online tournament for the PS3 version of Virtua Fighter 2!

    1st Place ige_sf5 (WO, LA, LI)
    2nd Place Heinell84 (JE, WO, AK)

    Youtube Archive

    Kansai Zei - July 17 - Online Japan | Organized by Buruha from the Kansai region.
    1st Place - Umecchi (Eileen)
    2nd Place - Shinkuro (Akira)
    Semifinalists - Ron (Kage) and Ryuuta (Lion)

    Youtube Archive

    Iispo Saturday Night Fight - July 17 - Japan | VFes have truly become an esport in Japan!? Broadcasted on Fuji TV One, Chibitarou won the tournament using Jeffry and Pai. I don't have much information except from a tweet by Chibitarou with the picture below.

    VF5 at Arcade UFO - July 17 - Austin, Texas, USA | Weekly offline tournament organized by Limy for the local Austin players. Round Robin format.
    1st Place Israel (Jean)
    2nd Place BlasphemousBlack (Lau)
    3rd Place ATX_wrekka (Goh)

    Youtube Archive
    Bracket and Results

    Pre Season Match - July 18 - Online Japan | Sega's official tournament kicking off Season 0. For a more detailed description please check the previous News post of Pre Season Match.

    1st Place - Shiro (JA)
    2nd Place - Barugo (JN)
    3rd Place - Katayama (PA)

    Broadcast Team: (Left to Right) Kumicho, NO Motion duo, Seiji Aoki, Yurika Tachibana, and Erika Ishitobi (photo from vf_official twitter)

    Sunday Showdown - July 18 - Online USA | Biweekly Exhibition series organized by The Armory. It resembles boxing and mma fighting events with starter fights leading to the main match of the night. This time, the main match is between two Butei Class, "Emperors of Combat", ranked fighters - Chief Flash and Tricky.
    First to 3
    Destroyer Maker (LE - 1) vs Silver Samurai 905 (GO - 3)
    Creaky Axe (JE - 3) vs Baby (TA - 1)

    First to 5
    jonnitti (LA - 3) vs GriffyBones (JA - 5)
    domaug (LI - 5) vs Dark Nova (SA - 3)

    First to 10
    Tricky (EI - 10) vs Chief Flash (WO - 8)

    Twitch Archive

    SIde Note: There is not a great translation of 武帝 (Butei) in English, so I chose what I would consider the best meaning of the two Kanji characters: "Emperors of Combat."
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jul 20, 2021.

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