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VF5US Feedback Round 2 and SEGA Survey!

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Jul 27, 2021.

By Myke on Jul 27, 2021 at 6:20 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Thanks to everyone who previously contributed to Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Feedback thread. Much of that feedback has already been passed onto the development team, and obviously some things have already been implemented or fixed. Now, we have another opportunity to collate some feedback to the team so please review the current list and add what you think is missing! Also, SEGA have put out a survey inviting all player to submit additional feedback. There are some very specific questions about the netcode and your online experiences with lag, so be sure to tell them what you really think!

    vf5us pai bokutai.jpg

    First and foremost...

    SEGA Survey
    This SEGA Survey asks some very specific questions about your experiences online, how it is affected by lag, and what you think of delay-based netcode compared to rollback. This is a great opportunity to let your voice be heard on this specific issue!

    The links to the survey in the reply to the tweet are also here for convenience:

    Feedback Already Submitted
    Thanks to everyone who previously contributed to Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Feedback thread. The VFDC community has another chance to provide feedback as a reply to this thread, but before doing so:
    1. Please read all of the feedback below to avoid any duplication!
    2. Note that some of the feedback below may already have been addressed in patches since initial release.
    3. If you previously submitted feedback in the original thread that didn't make it onto this list, please re-post in this thread.

    And now for the current list...

    General Online
    • Rollback netcode
    • Display ping in addition to bars/option to choose
    • Bars are very vague as an indication of quality
    • Ability to filter by region
    • Wi-Fi indicator
    • Ability to challenge/view recent opponents played
    • Ability to save/search replays

    Room Matches
    • Invitation system to invite friends through PSN
      • This is probably the biggest one, a lot of discussion around the web is confusion on how to invite friends and difficulty in finding their friends’ rooms. Rooms can often take a long time to be found, and the system is unintuitive.
    • Ability to filter to "Friend's Rooms Only", or ability to search for a PSN ID to find a particular room
    • Option to invite friends/anyone to your own lobby
    • Option to search via username
    • Once there are too many lobbies (20?), some lobbies will not show and the user has to search again
    • Option to filter out locked lobbies
    • Ability to play multiple matches simultaneously when more than 3 (4?) players are in the lobby
    • (Infinite) Instant rematch possibility when only 2 players are in the lobby
    • Option to lock ranking + W/L, currently no option to play without losing/gaining points
    • Stage Select between matches in a set
    • Region Restriction on room creation as an option
    • Option for host to pause matches/countdowns. Hard to run a tournament otherwise

    Ranked Matches
    • More options for filtering (region/ping etc)
      • This has come up with multiple regions, people can’t find good matches on ranked and have quit playing that mode entirely. In Australia for example, we are getting matched with people in the USA and UK as ‘good’ connections, which is misleading and a very poor experience.
    • The option to record in Training mode while waiting for a match
    • The ability to change dummy character or stage select without cancelling matchmaking
    • Stage select
    • Constantly show your connection to the opponent
    • Bonus points for completing the first to 2 set (to deter from skipping a rematch)
    • An option to set the CPU to the last character you played vs. after a ranked match
    • Be able to filter by any rank when searching

    Training Mode
    • Ability to change character without having to go back to the menu
    • Ability to change the stage without having to go back to the menu
    • Combo Training - there are some established BNB combos; would be nice to teach combos to users
    • Show player life bar to train perfect tech roll
    • Online Training Mode - For experts to teach beginners VF
    • Add the option to change reset position to X + Options for people with arcade sticks without the R3 button
    • Restart hotkeys:
      • L2+R3 = Reset the player back to the wall
      • R2+R3 = Reset CPU back to wall
      • L2+R2+R3 = Swap sides
    • In record mode reset is Back/Share instead of R3. Maybe make them the same
    • Tutorial to teach 2P, PK, Elbow/Throw
    • Extra options for positioning in the ring: parallel to the edge of the ring

    Offline Versus
    • Make Dural Playable
    • Save Replays - Offline
    • On the Character Select screen - once a user has selected a character they cannot cancel their pick of character and go back
    • 1P vs. CPU option

    • Ability to set what music you want to appear on each stage (e.g. select VF1, VF2, and VF5 music for Akira’s Stage)
    • Mix and Match UI: retro energy bars with new UI

    • Option to turn off hit-sparks
    • Walls being transparent instead of invisible
    • Legacy controller support
    • Single player content
      • Quest Mode
      • Story Mode
    • Access to replays from matches played
    • Pause/fast-forward/rewind
    • Additional character edit slots
    • Option to default all costumes on your screen so you don’t have to see customs/Polygon models
    • Country flags as titles
    • Bring back time attack command lists
    • Item Store/in game currency to allow reintroduction of item battles - rewards activity, and opens up additional revenue stream
    • More returning or new stages

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Jul 27, 2021.

    1. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      -Offline Versus lack the ability to load 2P customizations.
      Currently both 1P and 2P player can only load only 1P customization, this defeat the purpose of character customization in Offline Versus.
      Every player should be able to load their personal PS4 profile and customization, like if worked on VF4, VF4 Evo and VF5 Vanilla.

      -Customized controls are not saved for 2P in Versus mdoe, so every time you launch the game, 2P must set again their control scheme (if they don't use the standard layout).

      -Offline statistics and results

      -Arcade mode lack the "challenger comes" when 2P press start.
      Last edited: Jul 27, 2021
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    2. akai
      Training Mode - Have option to display detailed stats and input display simultaneously. Minor issue, I would like detailed stats display to remove the semi-circular/circular icons that are displayed on the right side of screen.
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    3. complexz
      done with the survey, did my part in begging sega to seriously consider rollback. It was encouraging to see a few questions dedicated to rollback and the current netcode.

      I was pretty surprised to see primal rage among their list of somewhat current fighting games lol.
    4. SUGATA
      1) Add the SAVE REPLAY feature for our replays + ability to turn on FRAME DATA + FWD/BWD frame-by-frame skipping = like in VF4Evo! (This is important for cybersport analysis and for new and pro players to learn the game!)
      Possibly this wish was listed on 1st feedback part, but now it is in more complex and detailed view, so plz add this too to the 2nd feedback part.

      2) SAVE REPLAY feature for other players replays, which we are watching in Spectator mode in Rooms or in VFtv on Title screen. Why we can not to save top players replays to learn them. (VFtv - i.e. streaming top players fights on main menu screen).

      3) Add ability to turn ON Frame data display while as Spectator or watching current Fight while waiting your turn in a Rooms- for Rooms and main menu VFTV window. This allows to learn the game and opponents matchups in real time while watching. Very useful and confrotable!
      Frame data must to be allowed to turn on in:
      - during viewing saved Replay
      - in Spectator mode in Rooms (ONLY for Spectators of course)
      - in VFtv on Title screen.

      4) Add "Players met (Played together)" PSN feature usage for VF5US - so, we could find players we randomly meet in VF5US easily in PSN XMB menu. Many other games allows us to check which players we meet, why VF5US doe not allow.

      5) CLANS (Camps) and CLAN Stats and CLAN WARS - as we have now Team battles, allow players to create camp, customise camp, train and play with other Clan members, and fight against other Clans, with Clans leaderboard. As we have in UFC Undisputed games for example.

      6) Legacy controllers support from PS3 - many other games has this one.

      7) RETURN VF5 official app to App store and Google play - it was removed , but it is still actual and has Frame data!

      8) Ranked mode Player finding SEARCH filter is buggy and not working correctly - fix it plz! For ex, set "Best" connection allow red connect players to connect.

      9) VFTV on Main menu screeen - allow to open currently fighting players Info screen like we have to open by R1 to check their stats or add to friends. For ex, add appropriate command buttons when VFtv is in full screen mode.
      Last edited: Jul 27, 2021
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    5. JCnextinc

      _Hit effects customization. (Final showdown hit effects or Ultimate showdown FX)

      (VF 5 fs saliva drops + classic subtle flashes and sweat effects. on counter hits.

      _Counter hit and SIDE counter ICON rather than Purple explosion :sick:(like VF 5 vanilla combo counter or Stagger ICON position.)

      PS0 2 new Genesis , TOKYO 2020 even Sonic now has tons of customization options.

      It would be cool to VF 5 US also had a lot of customization:
      Life BAR edit.
      Hit effect edit.
      More customization items than FS with better hairs and face options.(LEGENDARY PACK 2 3 4 5..?:love:)
      I'd love to see VF4 Vanessa face + VF5 Sarah's sexy outfit + Final Showdown Hit effects in the same game FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE..! I'll pay full price for that!
      Not the exact same amount of items, or DLC would be just ok and disapointing .

      THANK YOU SEGA!:ninja::zzz:(y)
      Last edited: Jul 30, 2021
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    6. Tha_FeauchA
      Awesome. Did my part.

      Guys, make sure you're putting your stuff here at the link in that Twitter post (and in the OP here) You don't need a Twitter account to do it. The final page will be for/ask you to leave a comment instead of answering a question. There's a couple of other spots to leave comments on the way there too.
      Last edited: Jul 28, 2021
    7. SUGATA
      10) Ability to EDIT number of Players/Private slots in ROOM. Now we can not perform this one, and forced to recreate a room.
      Sending an invite automatically adds one private slot to the Room.
    8. nou
      Just needs solid rollback. Nothing else in the online category matters until then. Glad SOA knew what was up, while it doesn't get brought up at VFDC, lol.
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    9. SSfox
    10. Myke
      What do you mean?
    11. Tekken_Sux
      Take advantage of the PS4 Pro, let it run higher resolution.

      120fps patch for PS5? A few fighting games are doing this now.

      And lastly, please eventually bring to PC with crossplay. Expand the player base.
    12. nou

      Compared to the other social media, where rollback is the topic when a fg is launched, I barely see it here. Granted the VF fan base and VFDC aren't heavily visited, but it seems like the online topic is stuck in the past here without too many people bring it up.

      Even in this article the general online section here...

      General Online
      • Display ping in addition to bars/option to choose
      • Bars are very vague as an indication of quality
      • Ability to filter by region
      • Wi-Fi indicator
      • Ability to challenge/view recent opponents played
      • Ability to save/search replays
      It's not mentioned in the list because not many were bringing it up. Where if I look on twitter or reddit, that was one of the first things talked about, when it was announced, and will still get brought up when questions arise concerning 5US.
    13. Mister
      We would love rollback, but we also know that it's not realistic to implement into the game once is done.
    14. Myke
      Actually, that's a copy/paste error on my part. Rollback netcode was indeed on the feedback list already submitted, so sorry about that.

      In any case, this same article talks about the SEGA survey that asks some very specific netcode questions which we brought to everyone's attention, so to suggest VFDC isn't bringing up this important topic, or is stuck in the past on the issue, isn't accurate.

      I've edited the OP to include, rightly so, the mention of Rollback netcode.
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    15. MarlyJay
      Best way to bring it up is in the survey. Sadly I doubt anyone at Sega of Japan is looking at VFDC. From the sounds of it they're a bit shocked anyone outside of Japan downloaded the game.
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    16. akai
      According to Myke's post, the first feedback was given to the development team (Sega of Japan?). As for Sega of Japan looking at VFDC, I know Seiji Aoki at least looks through VFDC twitter account, as he has retweeted and liked various tweets from us. As a side note, Sega of Europe has also retweeted a translation (a poorly done translation also) I did for the official VF twitter account. So it seems we are somewhat on the radar of Sega.

      Their does seem to be a disconnect between the various branches of Sega though. I do appreciate Aoki and VF_Official account tweets containing some English...so they are making an effort. Depending on who you talk to it might not be enough.

      As for the netcode needing to be rollback...I think we can all agree that it just needs to be improved on? Several interviews, Aoki explained his reasoning about the netcode being delayed base. It might be just an excuse, but it seems Harada also agreed somewhat with Aoki on the positives/negatives of rollback. Sometimes the boss wants you to add something and the people actually doing the job knows what actually can be feasibly implemented.

      We will see if future updates they can fix the issues. It will be a greatly missed opportunity if we/they can't build a larger gamer base from the "1000" downloaders that have the game right now.
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    17. Myke
      Perhaps not directly, but I do have the means of collecting feedback from our community and having that passed onto the dev team, as we did with the initial round.
    18. MarlyJay
      Yes yes, my point was there are more productive ways to bring up a problem like rollback netcode than just discussing it here. It was already mentioned on the previous feedback and it's pretty heavily featured in the survey. All parts of why maybe it's not brought up so much here as opposed to say twitter.
      It's a subject worth discussing though. I'm certain it's a lot more complex than some believe but maybe not as much or for the reasons that Harada and Aoki discussed.
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    19. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      That's actually good, it means vfdc is a healthy place.
      Unfortunately many other communities gives too much importance to rollback, sometime even ignoring the quality of a game, this needs to change.
      Last edited: Aug 1, 2021

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