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VF5US Version 1.30 Update

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Dec 7, 2021.

By akai on Dec 7, 2021 at 10:49 PM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    VF5US is getting an update worldwide on December 8, 2021 (December 7th for North America time zones)! Version 1.30 update includes the new DLC pack, adjustments to the Beta Tournament Event Mode, and the fan requested semi-transparent walls. The exact patch notes from Sega's website are posted below for your convenience.

    • Added Yakuza Series Collaboration Pack.
      Adjustments were made to various UI accompanying this add-on content. (VFDC Note: For additional information on the Pack check this news post)
    • Matching in Tournament Event mode has been adjusted to give higher priority to network compatibility between participants. As such, adjustments have also been made to the matching adjustment performed right before the event.
    • The timing of the autosave has been changed so that it now occurs after closing the message when obtaining rewards.
    • Fixed various other issues.

    Stage walls during a match would become invisible depending on the camera angle; this has been adjusted so that they now appear semi-transparent.

    Added an option to stop an ongoing Tournament, League, or Team Match.

    • Added an option to view license information in Settings/Configuration of the Main Menu.
    • Added Tips.

    • Fixed other minor issues.
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Dec 7, 2021.

    1. akai
      There appears to be a bug where the character you choose is switched out to Akira. A couple examples have been reported.

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    2. SEGA jipi
      SEGA jipi
      Horrible change, looks like a Saturn game with the 'mesh-y' texture :(
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    3. Mister
      this change was highly requested by the players to adjust your combos with walls. When the wall becomes completely transparent you don't have spacial awareness of where it is and it will mess up with your combos 100% of the time. When you say that it's an horrible change, you're basically saying that they shouldn't have listened to the players.
    4. nou
      Yeah it looks weird. It didn't affect me for wall combos, because the walls were always there unless you broke them in the previous match. It was requested though, so we can't say Sega isn't listening.

      The only bug I've come across is waiting for a player in Ranked, I'll get the match request pop-up, but it stays greyed out, and it immediately pops back up when I 'decline'. The last few times I had it, I just waited around the the 16 sec. mark and and a connection was made, so maybe it was me not waiting? Haven't seen it before, but I've been on more, recently.
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    5. masterpo
      Highly requested by what players:eek:

      All the semi transparent walls do is F#ck up the visual presentation of the game even more.

      All these advanced players and jedi frame masters that need onscreen color tutorials to know whether a counter hit, or side counter hit, etc has occurred. Now they need semi-transparent walls to know where they're at during a match.

      Which players are the players that highly requested these ugly a$$ semi-transparent walls:whistle: Are they the same players that need to see Hit Sparks to know what kind of attack they or their opponent just executed:cautious:

      The sad thing is some of these players have been playing VF for decades, and they still need on screen crutches to play the game:confused:

      All that remains is for Seiji Aoki and RGG to add a few meters, some comeback mechanics, at least one super move per character, and few microtransactions and we'll be there:meh:
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    6. akai
      @masterpo - go look at the feedback threads to remind yourself who these players are. You yourself have posted in those threads multiple times and should be aware of them. :p

      Paraphrased from VF Official tweet: If the "Akira Bug" occurs during online rank match for you, press the PS button to exit game. Do not complete the match. Completing the match may result in more issues. For now, no penalty will be issue for disconnecting. A fix for the bug will be applied in the next update.
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    7. masterpo
      The question was rhetorical:sneaky:

      The issue is some players request garrish things like semi-transparent walls, and color coded hit flashes, that disfigure the game and tarnish the VF presentation get exactly what they requested.o_O

      Other players request a straightforward port of the game to the current and next generation gaming systems that would preserve the tradition, elegance, and superiority of VF and these players do not get what they requested.:confused:

      To put a finer point on this issue, Seiki Aoki, RGG, Sega have been made aware of a great many requests from the players. VFDC is a cornucopia of such requests. To claim that transparent walls were added simply because players requested them is some what ironic.:whistle: It appears that Aoki San et al . prioritizes requests only from some of the most elite hardcore VF players. The players that obviously place a high value on things like on screen tutorials via color coded Hit Sparks, and semi-transparent walls so that the elite, advanced players can know where they're at in the ring during any time in the match.

      The fascinating thing here is that the features that would actually encourage new players, and casual players to purchase and play VF in a sustained manner, e.g single player modes like Quest Mode, Kumite Mode, and an improved expanded training/dojo etc are not added to the game. While Seiji Aoki caters to elite advanced players by giving them color coded in-game on-screen during match Hit Sparks so they'll know what type of hit landed. Or semi-transparent walls so they'll know how to finish a combo. While claiming these features were added to help new players learn the game:cautious:

      It escapes me why the elite, advanced, jedi frame masters who have played thousands of VF5FS matches, who have a great deal of high level experience with every match up in the game, who have been playing these same stages for at least 10 years would need a flash of purple to let them know that a side counter hit had just occurred, or would need semi-transparent walls to let them know what part of the stage they're on. But apparently Seiji Aoki and RGG saw these as enough of a priority to actually change the VF presentation in order to satisfy those elite players.

      And Seiji Aoki/RGG must have gotten those requests from advanced, elite, hard core players right? Because its not likely that a noob, new player, or casual player would even know what a side counter hit is, let alone requested hit flashes to identify one:cool: Its also not likely that a noob, new player or casual player would realize that invisible walls or semi-transparent walls were related in any way to advanced combo completion. So the requests for Hit Sparks to simplify obscure nuances in counter hits, or semi-transparent walls to telegraph what move should come next had to come at the behest of advanced, elite, jedi frame masters. I find it highly unlikely that noobs, new players, or casual players requested these features at any time. So at least now we know which audience Seiki Aoki and RGG is targeting.:love:

      So perhaps, in the future when the statement is made that such-and-such feature was added to the game because the players requested it, maybe that statement should be qualified by adding the "advanced hardcore, online-only" players requested it.:meh:
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    8. akai
      But your statement is already false and what you just wrote are paragraphs and paragraphs based on assumptions after assumptions. :p

      The official English text from VF official twitter account on the Akira Bug:

      [About the issue confirmed in Ranked Match]
      We have confirmed an issue in Ranked Match which sometimes changes selected characters into Lv1 Akira with default costume.

      If you see this issue, please make sure to immediately press the PS button, select the "Close Application" in the menu, and exit the game without finishing the battle.

      No penalty will be incurred for disconnecting. If you complete the game under the condition, there will be a risk of data corruption. Please make sure to exit the game before completing your battle.

      This issue will soon be fixed in the next update. We apologize for the inconveniences. Thank you for your patience.
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    9. masterpo
      @akai Well, we have to be careful to clarify assumptions that are made based on deductive, inductive, and abductive reasoning from assumptions that are based on something else.(y) My friend, I subscribe heavily to logical inference of the deductive, inductive and abductive varieties. Its not that my reasoning is always flawless, as you know it is not. But I usually have premises and propositions, axioms, or corollaries to support my positions.

      1. I am aware of no evidence that suggests that noobs, new players, or casual players of VF have requested Hit Sparks to be added to the game so that they can better recognize counter hits, side counter hits or any other kind of hit. On the other hand I am aware of seasoned VF veterans extolling and defending the addition of the Hit Sparks. If you are aware of any evidence that this feature was added due to requests by VF noobs, new players, or casual players please point me to it. I will be very glad to change my assumptions if they are wrong. I am not logically monotonic in this regard.

      2. I am aware of no evidence that suggest that noobs, new players or casual players ever requested semi-transparent walls because they were unable to finish combos, or because of the negative impact invisible walls had on their spatial awareness relative to advanced combo completion or combo completion of any kind. On the other hand, I am aware of seasoned VF veterans , advanced players extolling and defending the addition of semi-transparent walls. If you are aware of any evidence that semi-transparent walls were in fact a request by noobs, new players or casual players then by all means point me to it, so I can update my beliefs about why we now have semi-transparent walls in the game. I have no problem admitting that I am wrong about something. But I do need evidence that demonstrates I'm wrong.

      3. Among all of the additions, changes, and patches that were made to VF5US prior to or after its launch which of these additions, changes, and patches were made solely at the behest of requests from noobs, new players, and casual players:whistle:

      It may be the case that somehow, someway noobs, and new casual players, requested Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple Hit Sparks, and Semi-Transparent Walls to help them better understand or play the game, but I have no evidence of that. On the other hand I am aware of seasoned, elite, advanced players extolling and defending those features.

      As for my paragraphs, they present premises, and propositions in a line of reasoning. that concludes Seiki Aoki, RGG, et al are positioning Virtua Fighter as an e-sports only game as opposed to a Virtua Fighter game with an e-sports option added to it. Further, it is generally known, that noobs, new players to a fighting game franchise, and casual players in a fighting game franchise gravitate toward Single Player Modes, and VS Modes with family and friends. In general they do not aim for high ranks, prestige, recognition, or acknowledgement in the e-ports context. Those players who do gravitate, excel in, look forward to, train for, practice for, master frame knowledge and match up knowledge in search for dominance in a e-sports fighting game context by definition are not noobs, they are not new comers, they are not casual players.:rolleyes:

      The deductive, inductive, and abductive evidence points to the fact that Seiki Aoki and RGG have added the majority of the features to VF not on behalf of noobs, or casual players, but to appease the elite, the advanced, and the e-sports hungry players. In fact isn't the game called Virtua Fighter e-sports in Japan:whistle:

      If it were the case that Seiki Aoki and RGG were concerned about the wishes or requests of noobs and casual players the updates in the game or updates promised to be in game would include:
      • Significant Single Player Modes (With Player Profiles)
      • Flexible Vs Modes e.g. tournament mode, team battle mode, etc (With Player Profiles)
      • A new expanded Training/Dojo Mode
      • A Story Mode of some type
      Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown has none of these things. Therefore my assumption and conclusion is that that Seiji Aoki/RGG are not catering to noobs, or casual players. If my assumption is false and my conclusion is false them please point me to substantial evidence to the contrary and I will update both my assumption and my conclusion.(y)

      @akai its hard to defend the indefensible. You know I am a major VF fanboy. I have been for over 2 decades. I love the game. I think it is the best 3D Arcade fighter ever made. In many cases I have defended VF, AM2 and Sega when others saw no room for defense. But Virtua Fighter e-sports is a bridge too far. The fact that the game is listed as 2 player or multiplayer online is ipso facto evidence that VF5US does not support the 1 player option and therefore by definition ignores that large percentage of noobs and new players who would start out playing Virtua Fighter in single player modes(VF5US officially does not support single player) Therefore Seiki Aoki/RGG cannot be adding features based on the requests of the noobs or new comer to fighting games:oops: On the other hand Purple Flashes that indicate a side counter hit has occurred can only be of interest to someone who already has a pretty thorough understanding of the game. Semi-Transparent walls that orientate spacial awareness for the completion of combos can only be of interest to someone who already has a pretty thorough understanding of the game:cool:

      My Assumption and Conclusion is that these features cannot have been added at the requests of noobs , new comers to fighting games, or casual players. Therefore the semi-transparent walls from Update 1.30 were either added at the behest of advanced / elite players, or they were not added as a result of requests from any players:ninja:

      Sometimes paragraphs serve to clarify, or transform an implicit argument into an explicit argument. The paragraphs can elucidate both the entailed and the inferred positions of the writer. Sometimes paragraphs provide more information or a historical record for future readers. Most times paragraphs in forums such as this one are TLDR so who cares.:ROTFL:

      In this case the paragraphs document what looks like what might become the obituary for the Virtua Fighter series:cry:
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    10. akai
      @masterpo I stopped reading after "#1." That is not pertinent to the conversation of the semi-transparent walls and is just repeating what you have lately wrote in majority of your posts on VFDC. So even if what you write afterword is relevant to the discussion, I have given up on reading the rest of your post. For that, I apologize. I bow down to your filibuster!
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    11. ToyDingo
      There's a penalty for disconnecting? I haven't had a lot of rage quits, but I have seen a handful. What was the penalty?

      Also, I hope they fix this quickly, for obvious reasons.
    12. akai
      They made it more difficult or takes longer to find a match.
    13. masterpo
      Its all good m8. At least update 1.30 gave us some more customization for our fighters, more music and fixed some bugs. If you main more than one character then the $9.99 DLC was worth it. If you are a single character player (like I am) then $4.99 would have been a more fair price.

      Are there plans to release Type S customization? Will Update 1.30 be the last major update for VF5US?
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    14. akai
      Since the tournament mode is still in "beta," I'm quite sure there will be more updates in the foreseeable future. My guess is at least two more planned DLC packs, each one have something new and something old (Type E, and S) like the two DLC released so far.
    15. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      I think that Seiji Aoki and Sega, despite the hige number that VF5US did during the free trial, are treating VF still as a low budget game.

      So they will "hear player request" only if it's something deasible with little to no reasources.
      Changing wall to Semi trasparent wall are something that require literally 10 minutes for a programmer.

      Adding the real meat like single player modes require a different kind of effort, something that Aoki and Sega don't want to put in this game unfortunately :(
    16. akai
      Feedback on the Beta Tournament Match Post 1.30 -

      I participated in the second event of the weekend (Silver Cup). It appears to be sorting much better compared to the pre-patch during the 20 minute Warm-Up or Entry into the brackets. However, in the end when finalizing the bracket, it seems to prioritize getting a full bracket, and disregard the connection compatibility. Thus, the mode felt very similar pre-patch.

      In the bracket I was in, we had one match that did not proceed forward, delaying the game. It led to 4 or so people leaving tournament early. Hopefully we will see more improvements made to the mode.
    17. akai
      Another bug / network issue at least 4 people have encountered- Being stuck in the training lobby while waiting for rank match (can't back out of the mode either). The matchmaking pop-up window keeps showing up with gray bars. Some get an error message that kicks them out of rank mode. Or manually closing application.
    18. akai
    19. Gibon

      I just played it and saw the 'mesh-y' wall transparency. It's godawful.

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