Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Apr 2, 2021.

By Myke on Apr 2, 2021 at 6:20 AM
  1. Myke

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    The game title of "Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown" has just been rated by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea for the PS4 platform, and, interestingly, the rating lists "Virtua Fighter esports" as the original title. With recent news of the PS3 store shutting down, and no current, stand-alone way to play VF5FS on a PlayStation 4 or 5 console, could this be SEGA's move to kill two birds with one stone? Officially bring the latest title in some kind of updated "ultimate" form into the esports scene, and playable on a modern console?

    Virtua Fighter x esports.jpg
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Apr 2, 2021.

    1. Ali
      A new VF can bring updated visuals, new backgrounds and new character designs.

      It can bring new characters, update the soundtracks, bring in a better and bigger quest mode from VF4Evo. It can bring better online modes too.

      New moves, new animations and better balancing.

      I know VF5FS is amazing, but I would love to have VF6. As whether they need to appeal to casuals vs hardcores, I am a VF purist so, they can make it with the least amount of budget to make the target sales easier to accomplish than bringing in a stupid corny story mode.
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    2. def
      Anyone have any idea when we might hear news on this? Would E3 be a possibility? Hopefully sooner. And hopefully this games releases sooner than later as long as it's ready to be released.
    3. VF2011
      I doubt E3 would have any news. It's either going to be at EVO, or the Tokyo game show, that is my guess. It was first revealed at last year's TGS and since they mentioned it was japan first, it will most likely be there.
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    4. gido
      Alot. VF is a great franchise and I know they could've done better than a revision. Ironically though, I havent touched VF2 for my PS3 in months. Just popped it in just today actually, simply playing against AI, and it still feels good!

      Why? Probably because I'm tied to nostalgia but I just love everything about VF2, from the ost to the presentation of the damn menu screen! I love it.

      But back to your question..most fighting games now are pretty much all the same. All VF had to do was simply join the club. What I mean by that? VF is known already for its top noche gameplay. Like I would rather play VF style mechanics over Tekken's four button limb mechanics easily.

      But the presentation is where it is lacking. Thats why I would rather play Tekken or other fighters more than the current and latest VF (VF5FS). And that makes all the difference. It is the only 3D fighter still consisting of only about 20 characters in its 5th installment, very low roster count in today's times. The sound effects are not updated, still no specific character interactions, generic quotes, generic characters, generic outfits, etc. etc, the basics. Theres nothing going on with VF's persona. It is just a fighting game. Thats it. A very good one at that...but that's it.

      With the announcement of KOF15, you can clearly see SNK are still trying to appease to both old fans and the ones who complained about the graphics from KOF14! And so far its looking pretty damn good. Why couldnt VF do this? Why couldn't they revamp the characters? Give them a new look? Haven't Sega been listening to anyone these past 10 years?? Surely the majority of VF fans wanted something new. Although, I'm still hoping this is a test to see whether or not a new VF is still being considered.

      I might've answered this already but they can do both easily, every company since then has been shaking the table in some sort of way that makes that specific fighting game stand out for both old and newcomers. I honestly dont think I can say that about VF anymore. Theres tons of people asking for a new VF. What I simply cant understand is why are we so fixated on this Virtua Fighter 5?

      The last time I heard of VF being a powerhouse fighter at its time was VF4 when it came out for the PS2. I can remember the hype I had when I seen that commercial. But now I can just feel that Sega has potentially given up slightly on the VF franchise by trying to keep it still as relevant as possible overseas by maintaining a low budget and tacking on the word "Ultimate" on this "revival" project. Its been 10+ years of nothing and this is what we get?

      You mentioned Super Street fighter 4 did it and was a sucess and yes I agree...but these 2 fighting game IPs led very different paths. Capcom have been making revisions since genesis days. Not that it was any better, but they got away with it for its time. We are in 2021. The last game VF came out with was 10+ years. Imagine having SF4 and then SSF4 10 years later. You get my drift?

      Hell we got Coming to America 2, Space Jam 2, movies that came out yeaars ago. But we cant get another VF? The only way for me to purchase a copy of this "new" game instead of me playing on the VF5FS I already have on the PS3 I still kept/bought again, is if they drastically changed the presentation to make it more vibrant and highly updated gameplay's graphics to levels of quality like this: SarahPortraitVF5.jpg
      If anything besides this request, I think I'll pass..
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    5. erdraug
      I feel the post above accurately captures the sentiment of the average* western VF fans: presentation matters, thus a graphical and feature overhaul is in order.

      While I would settle for Quality of Life upgrades, it's still worth highlighting as a valid (and presumably popular*) opinion.

      * subjective appreciations, sorry, hard to discuss these matters without data
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    6. Ali
      Oh please don't touch VF designs and bring us those average over done trash anime designs Tekken and SF have been injecting.

      I personally prefer the realistic and less anime inspired VF designs. I don't want any laser, any stupid animals or wings in my VF game.

      There is nothing wrong about the presentation of VF. In fact, it's the most beautiful presentation and art direction. You fight Shun on a boat in a river ? That's tons better than those stupid lava stages you get on the other fighters.

      Tekken can be disgustingly crappy in the art direction and I don't care if it sold 5 or 100 millions.
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    7. Ali
      Double post to stress out one thing,
      People demand story modes but really even NRS high quality story modes are played by nich amount of people as proven by the trophies/achievements.

      Tekken success is driven by the amazing communication Harada does. Harada is such an amazing director and also an amazing PR of his product and I wish I can stand the trash designs of Tekken 7 because really this guy is awesome. He even joins tournaments of his game.

      I think people like the crazy designs of Tekken. Not because their necessarily good but because they have grown up with them and they are sticking to the root mostly. In fact, I think Tekken success is mainly driven by being a primarily exclusive series that thrived a lot on Sony's systems when VF has a few unfortunate endeavors (VF3 and DC/ VF5 and the abomination launch of PS3).

      Despite what many people do seem to believe, VF's original cast is iconic. There is tons of charm in VF simple and realistic characters' designs. There is in fact tons of personality amidst those generic quotes (yes specific VS quotes are welcome). There is some interpersonal relationship (Pai and Lau and guess what ? It's beautifully done and Lau didn't throw her in a volcano nor she banished him into a different realm and locked him there). There is one victory pause with Lau holding a Pai's toy with a smile on his face that he never showed her in person.

      There are a few touches that are indicative of a more mature and better quality stuff than "I am Kuai Liang, I am your brother Bi-Han but we share different names now face me" or the abomination volcano dropping trash in Tekken.
    8. Dragonps
      I checked your post and this is how you answered my question? Visuals? Many fighting games have impressive visuals now, a new VF would have to do something pretty spectacular to top it and I'm not sure Sega even has the budget or wants to commit that amount of resources. The question still stands what could a VF bring to the table that hasn't ALREADY been done by another existing fighting game.

      You didn't really answer it, it's something that I believe have prevented Sega from committing to a new VF. This update will serve as a way for Sega to test the waters and see if there is enough interest to warrant another title in the franchise.
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    9. gido
      I know it was long but you obviously didnt finish the post, it was definitely more than just visuals lol. Pretty much every fighter is all the same. VF is always a bit behind in terms of media, culture things of the such. Tekken added slow mos, Soul Cal added reversal edge, KoF always adding new dream cancel mechanics. But VF is still VF. It doesnt even have to be innovative anymore. People just want to see a literal new VF.

      A risk needs to be made and as you said perfectly on Sega not having the budget? Its because they just dont have the confidence for it. Not only that..but Sega has seriously made questionable changes towards certain characters that made me lose respect just to maintain a "proper presentation" towards those said characters.

      Im going to bring this up again because its a very big deal, and for someone like me who used to love this franchise as a kid, its concerning and shows a bit of Sega's character in terms of style of representation..

      Vanessa Lewis was a character introduced in VF4. She was portrayed to be a dark skin character. Her body tone was more on the muscular side of women standards. But they are real women like that so what's the problem right?

      Well VF5 decided to make this new unneeded version of a character to make her more lighter and more "attractive" as if this was a way to attract more players but to me its kinda like back tracking their mistake because it wasnt appealing enough. And to this day..we dont know why they've redesigned her officially.

      This is where I lose respect for Sega because they were looking at the wrong things to make it seem more "acceptable" thats a big problem we all tried to throw under the rug. Their efforts, to me at least, seem very halfassed in terms of proper presentation in today's times that it needs an overhaul.

      But now just answer my question. Why are we still stuck on VF5? Do we, fans ourselves, not want Sega to one up themselves? Alot of people here are always comparing VF to other fighters soley for the sake of bashing those other fighters. But in reality those fighters are somewhat still relevant in the West.

      Perfect example. I never brought up how VF should look like Tekken. In fact I even put up a picture of exactly what I would want a new VF to look like gameplay wise. That picture of Sarah Bryant was from VF5's character selection screen and not in-game. Now I know it seems like im just ranting about "wHat I WanT SEga to Do!" But we got to be more realistic because this is only catering to hardcore gamers. You think more people global are going to pick up this game? If its just a port on a PS4? Highly doubt it. Thats probably why they are releasing it in Japan first. I thought esports focused on getting casuals to play more. Sega is thinking about this epsorts approach backwards if that's the case..
    10. Emptyeyes
      I would say it's better than nothing to where it would inspire me to buy newer consoles.

      I feel that Sega already did their time with revolutionizing the genre and also feel that they are hesitant, if not at odds of creating a new entry of innovation interpretation that would change the way we see and perform in fighting games.

      So, while it's unfortunate that the genre haven't changed much in the 1990s, it's better to forward your enjoyment for what it is by acknowledging the limitations and contributions of what the developers have done with it.
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    11. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      Virtua Fighter can have a story mode.
      Actually even if it's not depicted in games, VF has a good story, Virtua Fighter Animation is one of the best anime series based on a videogame.
      Virtua Fighter story also become Shenmue...

      So Virtua Fighter MUST have a good story and good story mode, like Guilty Gear Xrd for example, and not an awful one like the latest Tekken, DOA etc.

      But not only that Virtua Fighter should have a lot of single player content, story mode, quest mode etc.
      Of course if you give just a F2P release with network mode and bare bones arcade mode, you can't complain then if VF remain a niche series and we continue to play the same old VF5FS for the next 10 years...

      Virtua Fighter must adopt the good thing of modern fighters (lots of single player content) and reject all the bad things (games released incomplete as starter packs, DLC characters, season pass everywhere, costant rebalancing, too much focus on esport etc.)
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    12. Zekiel
      They're most likely not caring about story. Instead of investing time into that, they need to invest time into everything else that'll really sell the game
    13. Chanchai
      ultimate Showdown on Switch, with FS graphics, would make me happy, actually.
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    14. Chanchai
      I am optimistic that this is a transition step before VF6
    15. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      It's not the 1995 anymore, you can't expect to sell fighting games with bare bones content.
      And single player content is the bare minimun to have a chance in the current market.

      Thinking about it, we risk that VF2 on Saturn will have more content of what they are planning for VF5 Ultimate as a F2P...
    16. VF2011
      Mk is the best selling fighting game franchise by a long shot these days and a big part of that is because it is heavy on single player content like a story mode.

      If the game is focused on esports then we won't get a story, but it definitely sells games. Casuals buy games for the story and they greatly outnumber the hardcore players.
    17. Tricky
      Many of us are expecting something around June. Coinciding with the 60th anniversary of sega.
    18. Zekiel
      Not really. All the single player content that games like VF4 had, made the game extremely fun to play.

      There are fighting games sold not because of the story but other factors likely Tekken 7. As Tekken 7 story mode wasn't very good.

      If they can make a story mode, great. If not oh well. Good tutorial, good single player content, new characters, new music, stages moves etc is enough to sell.
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    19. Zekiel
      There's other single player content that exists that can sell the game. Sega has already done it in the past.

      If they can add a story mode great. If not then it's whatever to me. But it could help if casuals would even get heavily involved in VF's story.
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    20. Tricky
      aight made a new vod about the hopes and dreams of VF5US along with some doomer takes.

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