Virtua Fighter Trademark Renewed... Again

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Nov 4, 2018.

By Myke on Nov 4, 2018 at 1:58 AM
  1. Myke

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    We've speculated and speculated some more about whether or not a new Virtua Fighter was in the works, and now we've got more fuel to add to the speculative fire! Siliconera recently reported that SEGA had filed to renew the existing trademark for Virtua Fighter, along with a new trademark for a title called 'Battle Genesis'. What could this mean?


    Some of you may recall that the original Virtua Fighter trademark, filed in 1993, was actually renewed in 2016 (and yes, we speculated on that too!), but this new filing warrants a closer look.

    Interestingly, the renewal of the Virtua Fighter trademark was done under a broader Goods and Services scope which now includes things like:
    • slot machines
    • casino gaming machines
    • toy vehicles
    • dolls
    • stuffed toys
    • toy action figures
    • trading card games
    • playing cards
    Of course, it still includes the likes of coin-op and arcade game machines, but this new filing is certainly interesting! You can view the trademark registration records on trademarkia via the following links:
    Was this just a routine trademark renewal/refresh to keep the IP in its existing form alive? Or is something else afoot? What do you think?

    Or does SEGA Europe have the inside scoop?



Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Nov 4, 2018.

    1. MadeManG74
      This is positive news. Sega doesn't seem to renew trademarks unless they plan to do something with the series, either re-release or new title. Look at Shenmue.
      I know they renewed VF a couple years ago, maybe that was for Yakuza 6? Or maybe this is an extension of that?
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    2. SSShinji
      The New title will be called 'Virtua Fighter: Battle Genesis', calling it now! :p
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    3. joanot
      The fact that Sega trademarked Battle Genesis along with VF obviously means a new game is coming, the question is: What kind of game ? Another mobile card game ?
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    4. def
      Hopefully it's more than just the representation in Smash Bros.
    5. Sonic The Fighters
      Sonic The Fighters
      Wait what ? For the 25th Anniversary ?

      But maybe last time it was just VF5FS in Yakuza 6, and now only Akira in Smash Bros...
    6. Jacko
      It'd be pretty dope if they called it "Battle Genesis" to signify a "new beginning"? A soft reboot like Soul Calibur where they actually have a story mode that retells maybe the first 2 World Fighting tournaments?

      If they ever were to consider doing a new game, they really should draw inspiration from their home ver. package from Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution with all their tutorials and training modes.
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    7. DepressedHippie
      "Battle Genesis" sounds more likely to be a game that is going to be a rip off of Super Smash Bros, but with Sega characters to me. Who doesn't want to see Vector Man fight Sonic?
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    8. JCnextinc
      I think "battle genesis" will be a mobile game RPG stuff or something like that. But it's also the sign that SEGA cares of the licence.
      Now the communit has to make sure VF6 ill be as usual ahead of its time with an AAA budget.
      Using new technologies and killer 3D engine.

      I don't want an ugly Soulca 6. Even an Engine like Tekken 7 at the time of its release would have been an insult for VF

      VF6 have to be the technical showcase of the Hole compagny for corporate image and "SEGA road to 2020" policy.
      Makoto osaki for instance cares of new technical works when he twitted facial expressions in Last of Us 2.
      I immediately twitted "that's what we want for VF6 and even better!"
      Help me to aware AM2 that wwe don't want a low end end game of this bad technical era forJapanese games.

      We want AM2 to be on the top of the world again.
    9. Citrus
      I think this might be it.
    10. oneida
      The trademark for Battle Genesis indicates that it is not mobile.
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    11. DepressedHippie
      I disagree about the need for high end graphics. I'd rather the budget go towards making a fully featured game as oppose to breaking the bank for the pixel count. But i grew up playing the Atari so what do I know about graphics.
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    12. MadeManG74
      As @oneida said, the trademark states it's not for Mobile, but Arcade.

      Bear in mind Sega didn't re-trademark anything for Outrun for Yakuza 0, nor did they re-trademark Jet Set Radio or Billy Hatcher for their appearances in Sega Racing.

      If Battle Genesis is linked to VF, then it does sound like some kind of reboot or something. I'm not sure how to feel about that, but it might work.

      I agree 100% that VF4Evo should be the standard for the single player content for anything new.
    13. DepressedHippie
      There is zero chance Battle Genesis is linked to Virtua Fighter. Just from a branding standpoint it makes little sense to take the name of your most popular console and attach it to a fighting series which hasn't had a proper sequel in nearly a decade.

      Anything coming from Sega with the word "Genesis" in it's title is going to have Sonic in it, I'll eat my hat otherwise. The sad fact is, the simple word "Genesis" is worth more to Sega than the entire Virtua Fighter franchise at the moment.
    14. MadeManG74
      But it was called the Mega Drive in Japan and EU...
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    15. DepressedHippie
      Was the PS3/360 game "Sonic's Genesis Collection" called "Sonic's Mega Drive Collection" in the EU? Legitimately curious.
    16. MadeManG74
      Yep! Or nearly at least.


      And I didn't mean to sound rude with my post either. I do think if it were Genesis/MD related, they'd have trademarked both.
    17. DepressedHippie
      If anything this conversation at least reminded me how much I miss the Master System "drawing grid" on my Sega boxes.
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    18. Tricky
      The mobile end of times are uppon us
    19. DepressedHippie
      I think console games will have a comeback....eventually. Fifteen years ago PC games was were you had to go to see "crazy" good graphics and you (and the developer) had to pay through the nose to see it. Eventual that model become unsustainable and now PC's are home of all the quirky AA games much like console games of yesteryear's. Console games will have to go through a similar evolution. The industry can't survive on two or three AAA games a year, and I think DLC is just a ban-aide to combat ballooned game budgets when what they need to do is sit down and rethink their whole business model....which might just lead them to mobile games.....huh....maybe the end of times really are here.
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