Virtua Fighter Trademark Renewed... Again

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Nov 4, 2018.

By Myke on Nov 4, 2018 at 1:58 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    We've speculated and speculated some more about whether or not a new Virtua Fighter was in the works, and now we've got more fuel to add to the speculative fire! Siliconera recently reported that SEGA had filed to renew the existing trademark for Virtua Fighter, along with a new trademark for a title called 'Battle Genesis'. What could this mean?


    Some of you may recall that the original Virtua Fighter trademark, filed in 1993, was actually renewed in 2016 (and yes, we speculated on that too!), but this new filing warrants a closer look.

    Interestingly, the renewal of the Virtua Fighter trademark was done under a broader Goods and Services scope which now includes things like:
    • slot machines
    • casino gaming machines
    • toy vehicles
    • dolls
    • stuffed toys
    • toy action figures
    • trading card games
    • playing cards
    Of course, it still includes the likes of coin-op and arcade game machines, but this new filing is certainly interesting! You can view the trademark registration records on trademarkia via the following links:
    Was this just a routine trademark renewal/refresh to keep the IP in its existing form alive? Or is something else afoot? What do you think?

    Or does SEGA Europe have the inside scoop?

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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Nov 4, 2018.

    1. MadeManG74
      Scroll up, if it's linked to Battle Genesis, it's not mobile.
      I can live without Ubisoft's annual Assassin's Creed game, there'll always be a nice market for hardcore games, and if that just moves to the indie scene, I'm all for it. Less clutter, more attention to the smaller games that don't need huge profits to survive.
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    2. Kaleendaah
    3. Sonic Bros 3D
      Sonic Bros 3D
      You are damn right ! But... man we have been disapointed so many times.

      You guys give us some hope when you say it's an arcade thing. By the way, Virtua Fighter : Battle Genesis or VFBG sounds pretty hype !
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    4. MadeManG74
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    5. Shinobi
      Also, let's not forget what SEGA said about a possible sequel to Sonic All-Star Racing

      Team Sonic Racing announced in May 2018.
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    6. SSShinji
      What I feel is that releasing it as a 'VF:Battle Genesis' (VFBG soft reboot) would be more beneficial to the franchise rather than releasing it as a new numbered title like 'VF6' since VF always has a connotation of being a hard and technical fighter, not to mention the lack of flashy super moves when compared to other 3D fighters. I believe that the new VF will be more flashy and beginner friendly but without leaving behind the brilliant core mechanics that VF always had. The word 'Genesis' here could also be a play on words, may be to include classic SEGA characters from the 'Sega Genesis''?? :D
    7. joanot
      Or maybe it is a 2D VF spin off :p

      We’ll find out in 2-4 months I suppose.
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    8. emperorshadox
      - No Vampires
      - No Werewolves
      - No Supers
      - No Rage Drives
      - No Rage Arts
      - No chimeras
      - No Beavers
      - No Dragons
      - Absolutely No Projectiles
      - No critical Stuns
      - No critical bursts and flipping opponents in the air like pieces of dry bread.

      I just want pure undiluted fighting excellence. The only game that have delivered that to me is VF.

      Give me Virtua Fighter 6 on current gen and I'm happy.
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    9. Sonic Bros 3D
      Sonic Bros 3D
      VF6 right now SEGA ! We are done waiting !
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    10. SSShinji
      VF could leave out all of these while still being flashy, cool and more interesting to look at. There were good reasons why the last numbered title was released twelve years ago. Some things got to change to ensure the success and continuation of this franchise. Otherwise, it would be pointless for SEGA to bring VF back just to please the hardcore fans only, the new game should be able to attract newcomers too. For a start, it should have a decent story mode this time around with some story cutscenes. I agree that the retelling of the plot from VF1 and VF2 would be a good way to reboot the franchise and bring it back out from slumber. Either way I just wanted VF6, VFBG or whatever they end up calling it to come out and be a success, and not only be a footnote among other 3D fighters out there.(y)
    11. Citrus
      I think this might really be it.
      Again, from the SEGA Europe twitter it is probable that it was miscommunicated, but what I think the tweet really meant to answer are the neverending "I want Virtua Fighter" comments, as to tell them they have nothing to announce or show yet.

      So this shouldn't actually mean there is nothing in the making.
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    12. Dragonps
      It could very well be for a new VF game but then it could just be for a trading card game. I don't know I don't want to get my hopes up too much at this point. Battle Genesis to me sounds like a cross over fighting game something like Smash perhaps?
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    13. emperorshadox
      If it isn't a new Virtua Fighter, I won't spend a penny on it.
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    14. Technocrow
      After thinking about it for a bit, I think it's a possibility that they could have just renewed the trademark just to have akira, jacky, sarah as guest characters in DOA6. Also the whole smash assist thing could have some influence. I would bet that Battle Genesis is something entirely unrelated to VF...
    15. def
      I really hope they reappear in DOA6, I would be so stoked.
      If that were the case, shouldn't they have other VF characters in it? I'm guessing it be because those 4 fighters are the most popular? Akira being the poster boy and Jacky and Sarah I think being the true main characters and Pai I guess just being popular?
    16. Sonic Bros 3D
      Sonic Bros 3D
      I prefer gtfo DOA and give me VF6.
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    17. MadeManG74
      I don't believe they had to renew any trademarks for putting them into DoA5, not to mention if it was for Smash, they would have needed to have done this long before we saw it in a trailer, in October this year.
    18. JCnextinc
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    19. JCnextinc
      A photo posted the 12TH of December guys...
      MoCap for a card game really ??? ...nah.

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    20. MadeManG74
      Got a link to the original tweet?

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