Virtua Fighter Trademark Renewed... Again

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Nov 4, 2018.

By Myke on Nov 4, 2018 at 1:58 AM
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    We've speculated and speculated some more about whether or not a new Virtua Fighter was in the works, and now we've got more fuel to add to the speculative fire! Siliconera recently reported that SEGA had filed to renew the existing trademark for Virtua Fighter, along with a new trademark for a title called 'Battle Genesis'. What could this mean?


    Some of you may recall that the original Virtua Fighter trademark, filed in 1993, was actually renewed in 2016 (and yes, we speculated on that too!), but this new filing warrants a closer look.

    Interestingly, the renewal of the Virtua Fighter trademark was done under a broader Goods and Services scope which now includes things like:
    • slot machines
    • casino gaming machines
    • toy vehicles
    • dolls
    • stuffed toys
    • toy action figures
    • trading card games
    • playing cards
    Of course, it still includes the likes of coin-op and arcade game machines, but this new filing is certainly interesting! You can view the trademark registration records on trademarkia via the following links:
    Was this just a routine trademark renewal/refresh to keep the IP in its existing form alive? Or is something else afoot? What do you think?

    Or does SEGA Europe have the inside scoop?

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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Nov 4, 2018.

    1. Myke
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    2. oneida
    3. MadeManG74
      "To be honest, it was just a tour."
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    4. Shinobi
      Dear Makoto,

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    5. Makusensu
      VF5 FS was put again in Judge Eyes.
      But it is the exact same version as Yakuza 6.

      Anyway there are also posters and stuff related to VF in the game and most probably further RgG games.

      I think there is just nothing to see here.

      When they want to release the full PS4 (and PC?) port...
      What a wast of money to just doing half of the job for a mini game in a Yakuza game.
    6. MadeManG74
      The trademark wouldn't be for including it in Yakuza or Judge Eyes. If it were, then Sega would have also needed to renew trademarks for Moto Raid and Fighting Vipers which was also included.
    7. Dragonps
      There has to be a reason for that trademark and it couldn't have been for VF5FS in Judge Eyes or Akira as an assist in SSB. Unless I'm mistaken it was a "new" trademark not so much a renewal of the old.

      I'm not getting my hopes up for obvious reasons but markman said something about "timing" in relation to a tweet mentioning VF.

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