What aspects of all VFs would put in the perfect VF game?

Discussion in 'General' started by Adamay, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Adamay

    Adamay Well-Known Member

    If AM2 came here and asked you what best aspects of all past VF games would you put into the ultimate most absolute installment the series has ever seen? One VF to rule them all. What would you say to them?
  2. masterpo

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  3. Sebo

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    VF2 or VF3 movelist size, VF4 evasion and combo length, VF2/3 soundtrack, uniformity of attack inputs and yutori throw escapes from FS with more old throws coming back with different inputs, zero frame throws, get rid or ECDC/EDC (you should get hit by that K+G if the opponent makes the correct guess vs your evade). A lot of shit has accumulated in the series with all the random features added to the game, but all it does is just add excessive nonsense to the core game design [[G]>[P]>[P][+][G]>[G]] . It's still be just as fun, easier to teach and learn (I can get people close to me to pick up Divekick and love it, SC is a "maybe sometime," but VF is a hard NO), and less shit to keep track of especially with how many things we need to keep track of that actually matter in our real lives. Other games are much more simple and have bigger followings despite being dumb from their first iteration.

    And for the first time ever: make Akira's guard breaks slower (or make it that if it whiffs Akira's head explodes, instantly losing the match, and then can never be selected again as his portrait on the select screen is just a bloody spinal column because fuck that guy), just keep everything in closed stance, and do we really need 19 different weight classes (mostly a gripe with compiling combos)?

    That and make any male Eileen players who customize her into a swim suit get automatically registered into a sex offenders list. Seriously, that shouldn't be socially acceptable.

    Relevant to the right-wing talking points below.
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  4. GustavoHeisenberg

    GustavoHeisenberg Well-Known Member

    NEVER CAVE IN TO SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS!!!!! Be strong, be Japanese, be proud. I'm cancelling my order if I hear any news of them caving in - I'm campaigning against the game, our wallets are strong and we don't care about how woke you are.

    The Skin colour customisation is something I hope they keep and I actually wish it'd been expanded to an ethnicity filter. I'd love to play an Asian Jacky, looking more like Bruce Lee. If an SJW screams blackface, yellowface, brownface, or whitewashing (white Vanessa), you renounced reason, don't want to talk to you.' I'd also hope for a gender-filter so my Akira could look like Leo from Tekken.

    Harada gave us a heart attack when he threatened the swimsuits, the backlash was strong and beautiful, I'm proud of you FGC, I'm really proud.

    I expect the FGC to do the same for Virtua fighter.

    Somebody ran Brad Pitt through an ethnicity filter, it'd be cool if VF6 had a similar option. I'd hope for a gender-filter, aging-filter(late-teen, 20s adult, middle-aged, old).

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  5. Thesch28

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    1. A soundtrack like VF2/VF4 or maybe experiment with Jazz, Drum n' Bass, Trip Hop, but don't get rid for the Asian sounds for stage like Shun's (Having Takenobu Mitsuyoshi in charge of the soundtrack also works)
    2. A huge movelist like in VF5R or even slightly bigger with some extra old throws, i would like to see a big movelist to allow players to get creative and do wacky stuff like playing Kage like a grappler.
    3. Being able to run away from your opponent after facing away like in older games specially VF3, I just like the crazy movement options 3 has.
    4. A tutorial mode like VF4 Evolution on PS2 also please don't censor anything like the PS2 NTSC-U and PAl versions of that game.
    5. Make combo length more similar to VF3 and make the damage bigger like in older games.
    6. Give Taka "Kurai Nage" Back, more info on this: https://virtuafighter.com/view.php?section=vf3&file=vf3tb_kurai_nage_(rsw).txt
    7. Add weird but fun Easter eggs to the game like ones found in VF2 or VF3 like being able to destroy the Fire Lamps and make things darker in Kage's stage in VF2 the Bird on Jacky's stage in 2 or the Flying Train on Wolf's stage after landing a Toe Kick of Doom in VF3, etc.
    8. Please put it on pc and optimize it.
    9. Arcade Endings with Voice Acting and illustrations by Katsuya Terada
    10. Skins of character models of older games just like 4 how you could use VF1 inspired models it would be cool to have VF2, VF3, and VF4 skins.
    11. This one is literally asking too much but also asking for the perfect VF is... Add uneven stages for casual play and add traditional 5 like stages for competitive something similar to what Smash now does, also add different stage variants to choose from with different lighting and music to add more variety.
    12. Good online mode.
    13. Quest Mode, And A.I Training.
    14. Good sound mixing, don't make things too loud and rework the already existing sounds a little bit also bring back some cool sound effects from past games like that Whip sound from 3.
    15. Bring Back Crouch Stagger, and another thing... (this one is very personal.. Bring back the E Button from 3 but make it optional to use)

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