What if Bamco made the next VF?

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Dec 4, 2018.

By Myke on Dec 4, 2018 at 3:10 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    During the Tekken World Tournament 2018 finals stream, Tekken director and producer Katushiro Harada made an interesting comment to the effect that, even if SEGA gave them the VF license and dev team, the hardcore VF community would still reject the game just by seeing the Bandai Namco on the startup screen. So, do you agree?


    Thanks to twitter user @Flying_Wonkey for the screen grab and translation:

    And a reference to the twitch stream:

    If Harada's comments about directing a new VF title sound familiar, and being aware of the likely reactions from the fanbase, that's because they should! Some months ago Harada was interviewed by HipHopGamer and was asked about integrating VF into Tekken, and he indicated that he'd much prefer the chance to direct a new Virtua Fighter game, rather than introduce characters from one franchise into the other, because the fans from either community probably wouldn't be on board with the other's game system.

    So, where do you stand on this issue? If the VF license and development team were to come across to Bamco and put in the charge of Harada, would you outright reject it, or give it an honest chance? I suppose it comes down to your willingness to trust the direction of someone like Harada given his history with Tekken. Yes, Tekken is widely popular around the world but, aesthetically, fundamentally and philosophically, the two franchises are worlds apart.

    Don't ask for him for shit... because you just might get it?! ;)
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Dec 4, 2018.

    1. Kidvid711
      Hm.. I wonder how Tekken vs Virtua Fighter will turn out
    2. Lygophilia
      Yeah. That probably gave Midway an idea on what to work with, from their early titles.

      I'll also throw in that Barbarian was the first to have a fatality concept, since we're talking about Mortal Kombat, so the genre has been more of the same since then, but more challenging.

      For innovation of the 1990s, it's my bias that Sega won that over the modern ones with polygons and their unknown gem Dark Edge, which is the first to have 3d movement, from a sprite based cyber punk fighter.
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    3. Unicorn
      I am sarcastic, but in case of some extrteme moves, it is true.
      Infamous EWGFs are high attacks that basically can hit you even when youre grounded, if you are not in high-crushing state.
      Just watch this... And keep reminding yourself that the move he is doing is TRUE high attack

      Well... and THIS is why crush system is esencial for games like Tekken. They will not work without it.
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    4. Unicorn
      Honestly, THIS was the one move I was thinking about when I wrote " In VF for 99% of moves, you can tell their hit-level with certanity just by seeing them" :D
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    5. WolfKing
      I would hate it as soon as the bamco logo appears. I am sorry.
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    6. Femto
      Just h4rdc0re talk. Same thing was said about early VF5 when Bounce was introduced. VF has always had juggles and always will.
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    7. Jason Elbow
      Jason Elbow
      Oh for sho! When I found out EWGF was a High i became lot less cautious of them.
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    8. Myke
      High attacks hitting a grounded opponent? What kind of fuckery is that!?!?!?

      And this is my extremely limited knowledge of Tekken on display here, but isn't there a normal EWGF (WGF? GF?) that actually hits mid? If so, then you literally have two attacks with identical skeletal animations, but one hits mid and the other hits high (because, electrical sparks)?
    9. PurpGuy
      And now we have to forget again, thanks
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    10. Seidon

      So the normal ones have different advantage/disadvantage and an difference in execution speed. They're all high though.

      There are ones with the same animation which hit mid though. Devil form Kazuya's WGF and EWGF are mid and Armor King's Blue Sparks Dark upper (basically the same move) is also mid.
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    11. Unicorn
      THIS... IS... TEKEN!!!
      Yes, there are more versions of this move. EWGF, WGF, DEWGF... They differ in certain properties (advantage on block, how high they launch, if there are electrical sparks effects included...), but they all are highs. And they all can hit you like you saw it in the vid ;)

      There are special EWGFs that are mid, but it works vice versa - the mid ones re-use animation of high (being special verion of it). It is possible cause as you saw, the high ones hits on the ground :D Also, none of these was in the vid.

      Still, the point stands - moves like THIS is why Tekken so desperatelly needs crush system. Otherwise, the game will not work (or will need extensive revork of most legacy animations, what is BLASPHEMY!!! ;) )

      EDIT: TY @Seidon for explanation regarding "special" mid versions of EWGF.
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    12. Sonic Bros 3D
      Sonic Bros 3D
      Tekken is so repetitiv and boring, there is more freedom and creativ in VF.

      Everytime i play i'm like "it's trash" after 1 or 2 hours... Same ass fights, strings, lows, yolo launcher, zoning, turtle, ZZZzzZzzz :zzz:

      I don't know why people love Tekken so much, i think it's overrated af and VF much better and more fun.

      i lol when i see on the internet "VF characters are generic" by Tekken fans. at least they look like a real japan and arcade fighting game ! Tekken roster feels like China quality, it's so bad that i just can't love one single of them or maybe Kazuya but he is trash for that degenerate fighting game lol.

      Yeah Bamco, stay out of VF, SEGA will show how to make the best 3D again.
    13. Lygophilia
      I've changed my mind. I hope something happens, for my own sanity. With the over-saturation of 2.5D designed fighters in the market, it left a bad taste in my mouth where it makes me want to migrate to 3d fighters only. 2d gaming isn't 2d gaming anymore, so I'll keep an open-mind.

      Being only a Switch owner, with all the fighters coming to the Nintendo Switch, I hope Sega does the same with theirs. You have Sonic competing with Mario to this day, so why not VF competing with the genre on this system?
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    14. Liquid_MAX
      While this is a business, Virtua Fighter has generally preferred to focus on risky innovation and perfect execution over and above raw spectacle and popularity, à la Tekken.

      My concern isn’t Harada’s banner. It’s his ethos and his competence for handling the gold standard of fighting games.
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    15. Jason Elbow
      Jason Elbow
      We talking about Tekken and you dare pose that question?! Lol
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    16. Femto
      I like in this hypothetical Harada mentions the VF staff will be working on this game, and it'll be VF with just the Bamco name in the opening credits and we have 5 pages of people bitching that he's going to make it like Tekken.

      Really people?
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    17. Libertine
      A thought experiment more or less confirmed, is it not? ;) Harada has successfully trolled us. In my experience, you can always rely on the "hardcore" fans of any game to "defend" the ones they love by getting angry at even mentioning its competition... at least the ones who can't play the games they're ostensibly defending very well.
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    18. Coroo
      honestly... don't get me wrong i think harada has done some damn good work with games like pokken and smash. but. to me i think his teams fighting games and NR Studio games AI are to broken and well.. even Virtua Fighter on those later settings are hella great to fight against. i miss the 360 version of 5. heck give me classic VF4: Evo. those games was my shit. but honestly i would sooner want to see more vf characters in doa. because at least those characters in the early days of 5:FR were pretty faithful. i honestly love playing ghost battle mode and zoning out and not feeling cheated when harada's ai sharply spikes in skill between matches, or the way NR FIghting games like injustice or MK X cheese the hell out of the final boss fight. i love that in virtua fighter the skills i learnt i can work my butt off and have fun rather feel like something was stolen from when like in T7 or Injustice 2 when i lose a set against the ia for no reason.
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    19. Modelah
      Oh, HELL NO. Harada will impregnate VF with horrible joke characters like the farting dinosaur and otaku fap-magnet Chloe.
      Eileen is ridiculous enough, thank you very much.
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    20. Segalacious
      I wouldn't be totally against Bamco making a new VF. They have been heavily involved with Smash Bros 4 which has turned out great, and as different as VF and Tekken are, they have more in common than Tekken and Smash. However, I would be concerned with things like input lag as it seems that Bamco always struggles with mitigating this in their games lately.
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