What if Bamco made the next VF?

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Dec 4, 2018.

By Myke on Dec 4, 2018 at 3:10 AM
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    During the Tekken World Tournament 2018 finals stream, Tekken director and producer Katushiro Harada made an interesting comment to the effect that, even if SEGA gave them the VF license and dev team, the hardcore VF community would still reject the game just by seeing the Bandai Namco on the startup screen. So, do you agree?


    Thanks to twitter user @Flying_Wonkey for the screen grab and translation:

    And a reference to the twitch stream:

    If Harada's comments about directing a new VF title sound familiar, and being aware of the likely reactions from the fanbase, that's because they should! Some months ago Harada was interviewed by HipHopGamer and was asked about integrating VF into Tekken, and he indicated that he'd much prefer the chance to direct a new Virtua Fighter game, rather than introduce characters from one franchise into the other, because the fans from either community probably wouldn't be on board with the other's game system.

    So, where do you stand on this issue? If the VF license and development team were to come across to Bamco and put in the charge of Harada, would you outright reject it, or give it an honest chance? I suppose it comes down to your willingness to trust the direction of someone like Harada given his history with Tekken. Yes, Tekken is widely popular around the world but, aesthetically, fundamentally and philosophically, the two franchises are worlds apart.

    Don't ask for him for shit... because you just might get it?! ;)
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Dec 4, 2018.

    1. masterpo

      "so long as the end product remains true to what makes VF " is the magic phrase here. And I don't see anything in Harada's portfolio that makes me think he's capable of producing something that could remain true to VF (Even if he wanted to).

      IMO I think Team Ninja would have a better shot at pulling something acceptable off.

      But I'm in somewhat of a different camp. I don't think anyone has produced a modern 21rst century fighting game yet. Tekken, SC, VF, Mortal Kombat etc are all still producing just somewhat updated versions of what they've been producing since the early 90's. The technology is there to go far beyond what anybody is doing right now.

      IMO the stage is ripe for some new game developer to introduce something that none of us has seen before.

      As far as VF is concerned it has taken this kind of arcade fighter as far as it can go. Sure it could use a little polish here and there and we all have a minor wish list of things but VF is solid and is probably in its best form right now. It would be like changing the game of Chess. There's no need to improve on Chess. It is what it is. VF is what it is. Sega could possibly make new innovations but maybe they should save them for another game??? If you want something different then make a new game altogether. In that respect I could see Harada making some totally new game btw (Did he do Urban Reign???)

      Maybe SEGA could make a new game The W.M.A.C (World Martial Art Champions):LOL:
      that is the spiritual successor to VF and would allow SEGA the freedom to break from the move lists , animations and expectations VF fans would demand, but at the same time reboot their tradition in excellence and innovation in fighting games.

      I don't think Harada has the chops to do a new VF. I'm playing Tekken 7 now. I know its sold over 3 million copies. And for what it is , its pretty good and fun. But Virtua Fighter is in another league altogether. Virtua Fighter is 'Bruce Lee' and Tekken is 'Jackie Chan'. Harada produces Jackie Chan type fighting games. And although Jackie Chan is amazing, he's no Bruce Lee :sneaky:
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    2. SDS_Overfiend1
      No? Are you fucking retarded?
      No only was it his choice of Effect... It was the Homage to hurt effect O'Hara was in when Bruce Did that same move.. Fast enough to stun and stagger. ITS THE PERFECT REACTION TO THAT MOVE.

      Like Seriously Bro.. You killing trying to play devil's advocate.. Then you had they nerve to ask what has sega brought to fighting games in the last 20 years?.. Frame Data info and Button check on char select is the probably THE GREATEST FEATURES TO EVER HAPPEN IN A FIGHTING GAME. SMH.. This.
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    3. Mold_Monkey93
      Ranking meter too, which Tekken 7 added recently. Mind you.
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    4. ShinyBrentford
      Even u got to admit it's prioritizes juggles way more than past entries. FS is a dumb down VF with tekken combos.
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    5. PurpGuy
      IMO VF is in a decent enough place now. How about Last Bronx 2 or something instead
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    6. Sebo
      Not necessary.

      They even increased the health 221 to accommodate for all the EXTREME combos you will inevitably land.

      Though to be fair, at least VF still has a throw game (I like the "new" system, it could just be implemented better) that can be broken just but looking at hands and they're easier to land on players with really good dexterity (no more stick wiggle > mash [P][+][G]).
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    7. MadeManG74
      Why do you think it's dumbed down?
    8. SDS_Overfiend1
      Juggles was in VF5. Juggles was always in VF. You know what's not in VF5FS.. Safe Hop kicks. I'll admit it focuses on combos heavy but if it was really dumb down... You WOULD BE A STAR PLAYER in Japan and North America with all due respect.
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    9. ShinyBrentford
      So ur saying lazy te and all throws ending on a 3 way guess isn't dumb down as well? FS is still VF, just a more "streamline" ver. Compared to past entries So tekken players can get into it
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    10. MadeManG74
      I personally don't see removing an execution barrier as dumbing down of the game, especially if the options available is still roughly the same.
      Even with MTE didn't you normally have around 1/3 chance of breaking a throw anyway?
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    11. Libertine
      Cool story bro.
    12. SDS_Overfiend1
      I expected this from someone with down syndrome....
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    13. SDS_Overfiend1
      1 out of 3 is still the same odds as 3 out of 5. To counterbalance this... The grapplers who were hurt by this have 14f Punishers that can get easy damage and even more on lightweights. Even in its dumb down state... A tekken player will still have to learn like anybody else.
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    14. Femto
      How dare you post logic.
    15. Libertine
      More like you didn't deserve an intelligent response after your poor reading comprehension and temper tantrums, but I'm sure that going around calling people retards is much more insightful and witty.
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    16. SDS_Overfiend1
      Mouthy in forums.. Quiet in person. NYG roll around... We can discuss this in person.
    17. SDS_Overfiend1
      I'm so sorry.. please don't ban me.

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