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Virtua Fighter NFTs

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Mar 19, 2023.

By Myke on Mar 19, 2023 at 9:21 PM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Under the category of "nobody saw this coming / asked for this", and just when you thought NFTs had all but been exiled from the domain of professional gaming / esports, we learn that Yu Suzuki is working with blockchain company Oasys to publish a set of Virtua Fighter NFTs.

    Oasyx x Virtua Fighter NFT.jpg

    This project sees the Virtua Fighter IP being licensed to develop 1,000 "Virtua Fighter collab NFTs", which will be distributed in March on the Oasys (block)chain. It is proposed that these NFTs may be used as avatars in the metaverse (how's that going again?) in the future.

    NFTs and gaming is quite a controversial topic, but since this isn't strictly gaming related, what are your thoughts on this collaboration? Is increasing VF's exposure good for brand recognition, or is this where you draw the line?

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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Mar 19, 2023.

    1. Shinobi
      I don't care about NFTs, but I like the artwork
    2. Sonic The Fighters
      Sonic The Fighters
      I love it !

      What a great idea ! It's exactly what i wanted and what i needed in my life, i have been asking some VF NFTs for years...

      Even if i don't know wtf is this and why, i can't wait.
    3. masterpo
      Actually:meh: Some of us saw it, feared it, prayed it wouldn't happen, but deep down knew it was coming:



      I think all that rigmarole about parading VF5US out as a 60th anniversary thing, was all a trial balloon setting the whole Virtua Fighter franchise up for the NFT, Metaverse two-step:cautious: I think this is what Seiji Aoki was up to all along:whistle:

      It seems that VF6 or whatever they're going to call it, will be a sad and sorry ending of a once great franchise:cry:

      I won't support the VF NFTs in any fashion, or any carnation. I sincerely hope that true fans of Virtua Fighter revolt and boycott this impending train wreck:mad:
      Last edited: Mar 20, 2023
    4. akai
      Just to make clear, from what I understand, the Oasyx X VF NFT is what Yu Suzuki "was up to".

      The timing of this annoucment seems not to have been the right time (something anything associated with SEGA seems to have a tendency for!). I think if there was news of an update to VF5US or development of the next fighting game....then Oasyx X VF was later announced, it would not have been as controversial.

      I don't follow the NFT topic much, but my understanding of the main (future?) benefit is for the actual artists who can possibly gain a passive percentage when the NFT item change ownership through trades and what else. But like all or most things, if someone wants to abuse something it is possible. It sounds like some people have used NFT to scam people for money (like selling other people artwrok as their own...).
    5. JKTwice
      Well, does Yu Suzuki even have permission to do this? Is this a SEGA-endorsed venture?
    6. break
      Dang...so this is the EVO Japan surprise announcement ?
      So if we buy enough of these, we will soon
      Have a 'Virtua Fighter Collection' on STEAM/PC ?
      If these catch on...maybe new Virtua Fighter game trailer teaser this winter ?
    7. masterpo
      Its been my experience, that the primary reason the vast majority of corporations do what they do is to generate revenue for themselves. The goal is generally to give the customer as little as they can while maximizing as much profit as is legal from what little they give the customer.

      Someone found a 'potential' latent benefit in NFTs for artists and the crypto community has been pushing that narrative ever since. The real usage of NFT's is a money making scheme that instigates false scarcity in order to create a market for something where there is no market for that thing. Its a pyramid scheme wrapped in a get-rich-scheme disguised as a play-to-earn scheme all designed to rob gamers absolutely blind. If there is some small benefit to an artist somewhere , I'm sorry to say that benefit is simply incidental and a latent consequence of the whole scam.:oops:

      The whole NFT Three Card Monte hustle is predatory. It uses social psychology, gamification theory, and cognitive dissonance to prey upon people's weaknesses, innocence, loyalty and hopium. The large gaming companies all have social, or cognitive, psychologists on staff as part of the game design and marketing team. The gaming companies are literally using science against their customers in order to take advantage of them.

      Sincerely my friend you should take a day, maybe two and dig into it. On paper the whole thing sounds good and like it might be good for gamers, artists, etc. But in practice its a heinous money grab that will destroy everything that we all love as gaming and art:cry:

      • The first move was to change games to live services.
      • The second move was to maximize the live service through loot boxes and micro-transactions
      • The third move is transition live services into play to earn pyramid investment schemes
      7 out of 10 gamers do and will hate this. However there is a small percentage of people who play games that do it really just for the money, or for other reasons beyond simple entertainment or enjoyment. Its this small percentage of streamers, bloggers, tik-tokers, discorders, twitchers etc that are making a furious push of NFT's, the Metaverse, Etherium, Web 3,etc and trying to put a positive spin on all the bull$#it:sneaky: (They believe they'll get rich)

      Virtua Fighter NFT's is definitely bad news no matter when or how its announced, or who announces it. Those of us who truly love this game are really the losers in this situation:unsure:

      I honestly, truly, sincerely want to be wrong here.......
    8. Futaba
      What are they going to do, hire Victor Chaos to advertise people to invest in NFTs?
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    9. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      some artworks sold as NFT aren't a real problem (nor a threat).

      The real problem is if Virtua Fighter 6 will be again a Digital-Only incomplete low effort title full of DLC and Season Pass, instead of a COMPLETE game like VF1 -> VF5 Vanilla.
      Last edited: Mar 22, 2023
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    10. masterpo
      Agreed artwork by itself is not a problem (nor a threat). BUT! For these game publishers NFT's are part of an entire design, marketing and revenue generating philosophy:unsure:. They are part of a new and dangerous interpretation of video games. In this new interpretation of video games:

      • Players Don't Play Games to have fun but rather Players Play Games to earn digital assets and resources(i.e. NFTs) or play games as a financial investment.:(

      The NFTs come with an entire eco system. Blockchain, some form of Bitcoin, Exchanges, Auctions, and Investment Speculation. The goal of a few psychopathic game publishers is to transition from gaming for fun and enjoyment to gaming to earn or invest or financially speculate. Its like how dope is sold in the streets. You got the street pushers (average gamer) making a little money(off NFTs) while passing the serious dollars to the dope supplier (Sega, Ubisoft, Activision, EA etc) Or like the relationship between the Pimp and the Prostitute. Sure the Prostitute (Ho or average gamer will make a little money from the NFTs) but the majority of the bank goes to the Pimp. There are a few AAA game publishers that really want to see this happen bad:meh:

      Again you're right here. But the reason VF6 might be a "Digital-Only incomplete low effort title full of DLC and Season Pass" is because Sega/RGG are fantasizing and having wet dreams about robbing the VF community blind with NFTs, Blockhain, the MetaVerse (Sega's Super Game) and Web 3 Bull$#it.

      @faster 10 lightning Sega/RGG are no longer satisfied with the money they could potentially make off a COMPLETE game like VF1 -> VF5 Vanilla. Sega/RGG is trying to find a way to turn the Virtua Fighter series into a modern day Online Arcade Machine where we have to give them money each time we play a match and pay for each character we use, and pay for any customization we use. They even want to be paid every time we say the words Virtua Fighter or acronym VF. If a VF nickel bag is sold somewhere in the park, Sega/RGG wants 90% of the sale

      So no mate, there is no threat in the artwork by itself. The problem is that artwork is coming with a game plan that will have us taking it up the A$$:mad:
    11. jinxhand
      Well, if you guys don't want an incomplete game like the last 2 times, gsther the community as a whole and voice your opinion(s) on all socials targeted to any Sega/RGG account. No point in speculating here when the fear can be cut at the horse's head so to speak.

      Also, reach out to major streamers/youtubers that actually care about VF, and aren't using the game as a quick viewer grab/grift.

      This should be different than the last time the community got together and Sega flinched. Social media has gotten better (technologically speaking), and it needs to be utilized as a means for the potential consumer to reach out to the company. Otherwise, speak with your wallet and don't buy the crap. ✌️
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    12. Shinobi

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    13. masterpo

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