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Virtua Fighter x Yakuza

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Dec 4, 2021.

By Myke on Dec 4, 2021 at 8:43 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    With Ryu Ga Gotuko (RGG) Studios at the helm for VF5US / VFes it should probably come as no surprise to see this collaboration between two popular franchises, but for the VF series that has seen very minimal reference to other SEGA IP (Sarah as Ulala!), this is kind of a big deal! The December DLC update is packed with great features, including this special collaboration with the Ryu Ga Gotoku (Like a Dragon) / Yakuza. This article contains all the details on character costumes and their stage BGM.

    vf5us x yakuza.jpg

    Announcement Trailers

    Japanese (Normal Narration)

    Japanese (Kage-maru Narration!)

    This is the first time we've seen content that wasn't featured in VF5FS, and depending on its popularity might be a sign of future things to come? Each character is listed with the Yakuza character's costume reference, along with the Yakuza BGM that will be used on that character's stage.

    Yakuza Costume: Kazuma Kiryu
    Yakuza BGM: Kiryu battle theme from Like a Dragon
    In VF, players typically face Akira after winning through several matches; this impactful track was selected as it seemed to match the mood of the fight against him.

    akira-kiryu.jpg akira-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Kaoru Sayama
    Yazuka BGM: Outlaw's Lullaby (Kiwami 2)
    A popular track amongst players that also compliments the feel for a female character.

    aoi-kaoru.jpg aoi-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Ichiban Kasuga
    Yazuka BGM: Random battle theme (Like A Dragon)
    This is the random battle theme from Like A Dragon that plays in Kamurocho. The track felt appropriate for the character's image.

    brad-ichiban.jpg brad-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Haruka Sawamura (as the pop idol from Yakuza 5)
    Yazuka BGM: Loneliness loop (instrumental)
    This is the "Haruka pop idol battle theme" from Yakuza 5. The track normally has vocals, but the instrumental version was selected to avoid distractions caused by the vocals.

    eileen-haruka.jpg eileen-screen.jpg

    El Blaze
    Yakuza Costume: Yoshitaka Mine
    Yazuka BGM: Fly
    This track was selected as it represents Mine's character and the overall image of Yakuza 3.

    el-blaze-yoshitaka.jpg el-blaze-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Ryuji Goda
    Yazuka BGM: Bad Fortune Flower
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza 2 that plays during two of the three fights against Ryuji. This track was selected as it felt fairly fitting for Goh's image.

    goh-ryuji.jpg goh-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Shun Akiyama
    Yazuka BGM: Affected Fight
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza 5 that plays when the player is controlling Akiyama. He has another battle theme in Yakuza 4, but this one seemed to fit more with Jacky's image.

    jacky-akiyama.jpg jacky-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Akira Nishikiyama
    Yazuka BGM: For Buddy
    There are several battle themes throughout the series when fighting Nishikiyama, but this particular one from Y0 felt like the best fit for VF.

    jean-akira.jpg jean-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Koichi Adachi
    Yazuka BGM: Standard battle theme
    This is the standard scenario battle theme from Like A Dragon. This track was selected as it seemed fitting for a character with good build.

    jeffry-koichi.jpg jeffry-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Joon-gi Han (from Like a Dragon)
    Yazuka BGM: Theory of Beauty
    This is the battle theme that is signature to Joon-gi Han.

    kage-joon-gi.jpg kage-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Makoto Date
    Yazuka BGM: Flirt with Bomb
    This is the track from the first Kiwami title that plays during the battle alongside Date after some gang hassles his daughter to collect a debt. This track was selected as it is strongly associated with Date all while fitting into Lau's character.

    lau-date.jpg lau-screen.jpg

    Lei Fei
    Yakuza Costume: Zhao
    Yazuka BGM: Chinese-themed battle music
    The Chinese-themed battle music from Like A Dragon that feels appropriate for the character's image.

    lei-zhao.jpg lei-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Goro Majima
    Yazuka BGM: Majima battle theme from Yakuza 7
    This is the Majima battle theme from Yakuza 7 (as was explained for Goromi, this is one of the several Majima battle themes). Not only is this track popular with players, it seemed fitting for Lion's image.

    lion-goro.jpg lion-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Saeko Mukoda
    Yazuka BGM: Battle theme in Yokohama
    This is the battle theme from Like A Dragon that plays during random encounters in Yokohama. This track was selected as the melody seemed to flow well with a female character.

    pai-saeko.jpg pai-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Goromi
    Yazuka BGM: Receive and Slash You
    Each time Majima appears in the series, an arrangement of his "Receive You The Prototype" track from Y2 plays during battle; for this DLC, the arrangement is from Y5. Of all the "Majima" tracks, this particular one seemed to best compliment a female character.

    sarah-goromi.jpg sarah-screen.png

    Yakuza Costume: Nanba
    Yazuka BGM: Homeless Can Collection Minigame track
    This is the track from Like A Dragon that plays while playing the homeless can collection minigame. Nanba is recognized as the homeless character and the bluesy feel to the track seemed like the right fit for Shun's Drunken Kung Fu style.

    shun-nanba.jpg shun-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: The Florist of Sai
    Yazuka BGM: Kamuro Again
    The random battle theme from Y6 when in Kamurocho.

    taka-florist.jpg taka-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Seong-hui
    Yazuka BGM: Geomijul battle theme
    This is the battle theme from Like A Dragon that plays when fighting members of the Geomijul, the organization that's led by Seong-hui. This track was selected as it felt fairly fitting for Vanessa's image.

    vanessa-seong.jpg vanessa-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Taiga Saejima
    Yazuka BGM: Hailstorm
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza 5 that plays when the player is controlling Saejima. He has another theme in Yakuza 4, but this one seemed more fitting for Wolf's image.

    wolf-taiga.jpg wolf-screen.jpg

    Yazuka BGM: Tsuchigumo battle theme
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza: Dead Souls that plays in Majima's story when fighting Tsuchigumo. This track was selected since the theme plays in a fight against Tsuchigumo, a nondescript, non-human enemy, as well as having similarities with Dural's usual theme.

    vf x yakuza all.jpg

    So, what do you think of these character costumes and BGMs? Are there any other SEGA franchises you'd like VF to collaborate with?
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Dec 4, 2021.

    1. SSShinji
      I've got screenshots before and after, it's bad xD (please check this out, this is no joke lol)
      These are shots from my own PS4-Pro, I got curious because sth looks amiss after the update so I compared my old shot with the new shot (that I took after the update using the same stage as the background) and you could see there're a lot more jaggies on the character post update (you can see clearer by oberserving Sarah's face/hair).

      Attached Files:

      Last edited: Dec 12, 2021
    2. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      there seems to have more jaggies now, but some things looks more detailed in the second photo, like the "embroidery" on the chest part of the costume, or the belt.
    3. SSShinji
      They're just the lightings, because I took the two photos on a slightly different angle/pose so the lighting reflects differently on the character.
    4. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      it can't be only the lighting, the normal mapping seems more defined.

      About the semi trasparent walls, I still haven't checked those, but if they used the dot meshes it's probably to not affect performance, since alpha effects can affect the frame rate.

      I also noticed that various games in this generation returned to the old dot transparency, so I can see VF using those as well.
      akai likes this.
    5. akai
      My eyes are not as good as it used to be, but the differences between the pre and post are image does not look too big of a difference for me.

      I think @VFnumbers mention there is a "resolution smoother" option of some sort on the PS5. Not sure if the PS4 / PS4-pro have some option like that.
    6. masterpo
      @SSShinji , Good posts, I agree with most of it. However your statement

      Is not necessarily true. VF e-sports is primarily online. So if player 1 has purchased DLC customization and player 2 has not purchased the DLC customizations what will player 2 see on her/his screen if Player 1 and Player 2 have a match? In many online fighting game implementations. Player 1 does not have to see everything that Player 2 sees or hears. If Player 1 has additional DLC (Character customizations, music, stages) and Player 2 did not purchase the additional DLC, then in many fighting games Player 2 will see the default character models, and default screen options. Player 1 could have hit sparks and semi- transparent walls turned off, and Player 2 could have hit sparks and semi-transparent walls enabled even though they're in the same match. Keep in mind there are 2 video streams involved. The only problem comes with offline modes. What is disabled in offline modes is disabled for all players. Online is totally different. Player 2 might not see Player 1's DLC customizations. Player 2 might not see the fact Player 1 is playing on a 8k screen, while Player 2 is playing on a 4k screen.. Player 2 shouldn't have to listen to Player 1's selected music. Player 2 doesn't have to see that Player 1 has semi-transparent walls turned off, or hit sparks turned off.

      Its a matter of how sophisticated the Dragon Engine's development tools and options are. Either player should be able to customize their screens and music without affecting what the other player is seeing or hearing. And semi-transparent walls, or hit sparks should have no impact on frame execution of a match (if they do:eek:) we're in big trouble. :whistle:

      Yea, I'm one of those players who is definitely crying about the Hit Sparks and the FN transparent walls. I would like an option to enable/disable them in settings. Most modern fighting games provide this kind of flexibility. Especially for online modes!!!!;)
    7. MadeManG74
      I understand all that, but at the end of the day I was not satisfied with the product. I would have preferred that the money and time spent on making new graphics and things like League and Tournament online modes were instead spent on rollback and single player content.
      Yes the graphics looked nice, but every game has good graphics now, it's not a seller as much as good content IMO. The fact it released with no single player content and broken online match making AND delay based netcode meant it held little appeal to anyone.
      It had some great features too, (lobbies, the aforementioned league mode, new music etc) don't get be wrong, but it wasn't enough to turn it around for me. I'm hoping they take the right lessons from this game to whatever they work on next, and I do understand it was low budget and rushed, but it doesn't mean the problems don't exist.

      Where did you get 10 Million downloads from? I highly, highly doubt this is accurate. Subnautica on EGS was the most downloaded free game of this period (and that doesn't even require a subscription mind you), and didnt' even crack 5 Million copies downloaded.
      A more niche title on a paid subscription service like VF5US has no chance of making 10 million downloads. I'd think it was closer to 1 Million downloads, if that.

      Like in the example above with EGS, generally when a game is made free on a service, the service-holder will pay a set amount for the title to be free for that amount of time. I don't think it correlates to download numbers, just an agreed up-front price.
      MarlyJay likes this.
    8. faster 10 lightning
    9. akai
      It was in Sega's report - https://virtuafighter.com/threads/c...hter-series-surpassed-18-million-units.21763/ and was hinted multiple times by Aoki...you posted in that thread also Mademan! I think 10 million who took the free offer, but the amount that actually try online much lower.
      Last edited: Dec 12, 2021
    10. -nero-
      Virtua Fighter is now known for absorb/racist netcode...
      But who would expect that SEGA (means jerking off in italian) would know something as simple as you either do something right or you don't do it.
    11. MarlyJay
      I imagine the number they have is the people who added it to their account. That doesn't mean that all of those downloaded or tried it though. As a free monthly PSN game It's a question of how many people would take it for free out of what, 35 million?
      It was also on PSN for 2 months rather than the usual 1, so I can see the number being very high.
    12. MadeManG74
      Okay, wow, I don't recall seeing that, just the 18M overall.

      I still find that hard to believ. Considering the total number of PSN+ subscribers is still under 50 million, that seems absurdly high to me. I wonder what the number of people who played it is like by comparison, seems like Sony doesn't release figures for their PSN+ games often though, so we might never know. To think that 1 in 5 subscribers downloaded it seems impossible.
    13. MadeManG74
      This is also a good point, I wonder if it's just people 'adding' it to their account rather than 'downloading'. I believe there are about 47M PSN+ Subs, so it would be very high. I wish we could see some normie-core games like Battlefield or something and see what their numbers are by comparison.
    14. akai
      So definitely at least 420,000 accounts try online (fact from ladder boards). As for the actual number of people that actually try online (at least one game)...it is likely at least 1 million accounts tried online. That is not a fact, but a prediction based on player population size/distribution of ranks of the Africa and Australia region that has not reached the 100,000 mark on the ladder boards.
      MadeManG74 likes this.
    15. SUGATA
      Of course some of them are trophies hunters only but anyway it has has a chance involving new people to the game itself as a result.
      DLC is fine and it costs only 10$ when in other fightings less content dlc has much more cost + this is an absolutely new content crater for the game in 2021.
      The main problem is that game core issues are still not fixed:
      - connection indication
      - no promised 2bd rule type of Team battles - win by summary rounds
      - no Gallery with arts which can be unlocked by in game currency (obtained by wins)
      - no Save replay with frame data displaying for learning matchups
    16. VFnumbers
      Under PS5 Settings ->Saved Data and Game/App Settings -> Game Presets -> Performance Mode(higher frame rates) or Resolution Mode(higher graphics quality) -> you can choose one or the other. Not sure if Ultimate Showdown actually supports it but I've been running it on Resolution Mode on PS5.
    17. SUGATA
      I think this PS5 setting only perform an auto selecting among existed in-game options. VF5US does not have such options so no effect from this PS5 setting at all.
      VFnumbers likes this.
    18. RawrCookie
      This is for PS5 games only. PS5 backward compatibility for PS4 games are being performed in base PS4 quality not PS4 Pro quality. Even though VF5US is PS4 Pro enhanced it is still performe as PS4 base on PS5 unfortunately.

      If you want the best picture or pro enhanced for PS4 games play it on PS4 PRO not PS5. As for those who cares about PS5 power performance benefit for PS4 games, this is for unlocked framerates games that struggle in keeping stable framerates; it is not for locked 60FPS fighting games for example. But something must be told, those who use PS5 performance power for PS4 games, must know that not all PS4 games perform better on PS5, it may even be worse or bugged. The only bonus PS5 gives you along side performance boost for some games only, it is calmer when it does play PS4 games, not the freaking plane engine we used to hear from PS4/PS4 PRO for playing any game, especially heavy ones.

      TL;DR; Sony Is Phony.
      VFnumbers likes this.
    19. nou
      Interesting. The PS4 games I have get boosted performance in load times, but I haven’t seen anything regarding base PS4 performance?
      Good to know though.

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