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Virtua Fighter Dot Com

Originally posted by: Winston Smith

Mr. Bungle:
fuck you, idiot. look it up.
and the chicken looks better and goes slower on the arcade version.

According to Hiro, the chicken crossed the road to get to the other side.

According TO Hiro, the CHICKEN crossed the ROAD to get TO the other SIDE.

On page 178 of the Gamest Mook it says it crossed to get to the other side. And Hiro says so, too.

brummm!!........brummmmm!!!......im gonnna kicik tha t chickens ass to teh moon so hard!!......

hah hah dudE that cow is gay!w this iis a funNy thread

Ha! Ha! That's all good man. Chickens are cool. And roads are cool too. It's all good. Chickens have interesting feet. Did you know reptiles---
[Continued ad infinitum. Text too long to post. Too rambling to gather even a vague synopsis.]
Here is the practice clip between ghetto-SHUN vs. CrewNYC The older clip was a practice clip to show the compression level. Here is the new clip. The original one was over 9:00 min. long, the new one is 1:28, new footage, music, and better quality.

<a href=new_movies_here/vfpracticenew.WMV>ghetto-SHUN (Nelson) vs. CrewNYC (Andy)</a>
Length: 1:25 File Size: 7.0MB
Windows Media Format

<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by godeater on 11/6/00 06:53 PM.</FONT></P>
The Codes and Tricks document has been updated thanks to piccolo and Mr. Bungle. Check it out!
Heres a short trailer to the VFDogs demo tape. This video contains some quick cuts from a quick morning vf session that we had. We'll work on releasing the full VFDogs shortly

VFdogs Short Trailer
Length: 0:42 File Size: 4.3MB

<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by w3tadmin on 10/29/00 04:27 AM.</FONT></P>
And so it shall. Episode one showcasing the San-ten clan in all its "glory". Heh, actually this is what I like to refer to as the "least worst clips". These are full rounds taken from a tournament held on the last weekend of September. We were all having command "issues". By the way, The Taka in the last two clips is controlled by Johnson Li (plasma) and he won the tournament hands down.

Even though the movie is encoded in Windows Media the file is still quite large. I chose to encode it at a slightly higher rate just because most people have mentioned to me that they prefer MPG format. Well, I believe this rivals the MPG format and weighs in at 8 MB less than it would have it I had held to my guns.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this...please let me know any concerns or questions you have regarding this format.

San-ten tournament
length: 2:30 File size: 12.6 MB

also, because I promised I would here's a link to a--now--old movie that might have gone missed because it was never formally linked outside of a thread in versus city. If you're into OB footage with quality issues then DL at will!

<a href="new_movies_here/Rich_the_movie.mpg"> vancouver tournament starring Rich Williams <a>
length: ummm File size: 11.3 MB
Wow. Versus City has had over 4000 posts on it since Ice-9's inaugural post on September 11, 1999. Quite an accomplishment.

The hard part in creating any community is not just the actual creation--although that obviously takes hard work--but the fostering and maintenance of that community. How many Websites have you seen that set up shop and then just seem to die, how many web boards out there with the same old posts gathering dust? This is different. Versus City has seen some rather volatile days but it the end has always been able to find a balance where members, new and old can find a voice.

What a fantastic opportunity. What a rare find. Jeff should be proud.
Okay, kids! It seems the mad rush for content has begun. Right after the two fantastic offerings from CrewNYC we have another pair of movies to view.

Operating under the trailer hitch of VEGEMYKE Productions Myke gives us another glimpse into the self-styled Melbourne games, this time with {Doomboy} getting the chance to shine. Not to be outdone, GodEater dusted off some old tapes and presented an homage to one of the Toronto clan's finest, Jo Shun. Enjoy!

The Melbourne Games
<ul>[*]{Doomboy}'s welcome
Length 0:42 File Size 5.71MB
[*]Myke's intro
Length 0:38 File Size 5.3MB
Bad, Bad Jo Shun
Length 1:05 File Size 8.75MB
You will need windows media player to view these videos. For best results right click the link and choose "save target as" and save the video to your computer before viewing.

*A note about windows media player: I've chosen to digitize in Windows Media Format because of the great compression capability. I can fit 10 min of footage into
what would normally be 1-2min in an .mpg video. The quality is not as high but it is good for people with slower connection speeds. If you would like me to digitize in higher quality larger size files, let me know.

CrewNYC (Andy) vs. Hiro-Kun (Hiro)
Length 5:39 File Size 9.27MB

This is a test file designed to show the highest compression that I would consider using. The gameplay is taken from practice footage. Nothing spectacular, but it kind of shows you what our weekly sessions are like.

ghetto-Shun (Nelson) vs. CrewNYC (Andy)
Length 9:18 File Size 6.85MB
Date: TBA
Information coming soon.
VirtuaFighter.com goes VF2-crazy!! Check out these crazy VF2 combo movies, courtesy of GodEater. Also, I was recently informed that the link from <a href=versus/>Versus City didn't work very well. It has since been fixed; be sure to check Blast City out if you haven't!
[*]<a href=character/lau/m_vf2-laucombo.mpg>VF2 Lau combos movie</a>
[*]<a href=character/pai/m_vf2-paicombo.mpg>VF2 Pai combos movie</a>
[*]<a href=character/jacky/m_vf2-jackycombo.mpg>VF2 Jacky combos movie</a>
[*]<a href=character/jeffry/m_vf2-jeffcombo.mpg>VF2 Jeffry combos movie</a>
[*]<a href=character/lion/m_vf2-lionshuncombo.mpg>VF2 Lion and Shun combos movie</a>
[*]<a href=character/sarah/m_vf2-sarahcombo.mpg>VF2 Sarah combos movie</a>
[*]<a href=character/wolf/m_vf2-wolfcombo.mpg>VF2 Wolf combos movie</a>
[*]Largely considered the strongest VF2 player in the world: <a href=character/akira/m_vf2-akirakid.mpg>Akira Kid's VF2 combos</a>
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