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Neko Dojo 2AFC Approach

Jul 10, 2016
Neko Dojo 2AFC Approach
  • For those seeking to learn and improve on their VF play, there are many good resources already available. For example, video tutorials and the VFDC Wiki. However, textbook-like resources that allow people to follow chapters sequentially for effective understanding is sorely lacking. The Neko Dojo team, the makers of Virtua Wrecker 5 Final Showdown and many other videos showcasing very damaging setups, presents their textbook-like resource 2AFC Approach (see below for Table of Contents).


    The goal of 2AFC Approach (Two-Alternative Forced Choice or what VFers might know as "nitaku") is to make players think of most situations as a choice between 2 actions. However, the overall message the Neko Dojo team wants to impart to beginners and intermediate players are:
    The 2AFC Approach is an ongoing work. It is unique for having both a Japanese and English text version. Not only is it a beneficial resource to new players, but it also contain valuable information for experienced players. What I like about 2AFC Approach is that it builds on preexisting resources with additional information. So check out Neko Dojo's 2AFC Approach! I will update the Table of Contents below as more blog entries are posted.

    Table of Contents

    2AFC Approach: Preface (English / Español)​
    1. How to Reduce Input Lag (English /Español / 日本語)
    2. General Properties of Attacks (English / Español / 日本語)
    3. Attack Analysis (English / Español / 日本語)
    4. Advantage and Disadvantage (English / Español / 日本語)
    5. Top Tips for Command Input
    6. Attack Levels
    7. Training 1 (English / Español / 日本語)
    8. General Strategy: Collision Detection (English / Español / 日本語)
    9. General Properties of Foot Stance (English / Español / 日本語)
    10. General Properties of Throw
    11. Fuzzy Guarding
    12. Catch Throws and Guard Breaks
    13. High Throws at Large Advantage

    About the Neko Dojo Team

    The Neko Dojo team is composed of Hokkaido VFers: Academi-ya who writes majority of the text and manages their blog and Nachi Nozawa who edits majority of the videos. In addition, KEN KEN sometime helps with the making of the videos. Neko Dojo was originally created by Academi-ya in 2003 for Virtua Fighter 3 to 5. In 2010, he created the current blog for Final Showdown. Due to increasing workload, Academi-ya took less of the center stage on the blog's contents. However, seeing a lack of a textbook-like resource available, and that the success of that resource would require a seasoned player with knowledge of the VF system, he decided to write the 2AFC Approach.

    Original forum thread: Neko Dojo's 2AFC Approach

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