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What do you get when you cross Piccolo, a DC and VF3tb?

Silly stuff!
See the short clip and try to emulate it!

Check versus city for details.

Punch-Double Palm
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Three words you didn't expect to see in the same sentence eh? Well, Houston, we are go for launch! Organised by GLC, it'll have magazine exposure, sponsors, prizes, and chicks! For more information check out this versus city thread.

OK, I made the bit up about the chicks.
It's official. Virtua Fighter 4 is just around the corner. An update to AM2's site - - shows the working title, VF-X, replaced with VF-4.


The unveiling of Virtua Fighter 4 will occur at the AOU Show on the 23rd and 24th of February, 2001. Are you ready?
Woah, VF2 content! Fresh out of Versus City comes the VF2 Codes document. Bungled together by Rich, it's a must read for any VF2 fanatic.
Okay kids, apparantly someone has been holding out on us! The good news is that he's decided to come clean and present VFDC with a few snippets of the 1st Beat-Tribe Cup. Come clean, you know you love him!

<a href=/new_movies_here/gorilla_skeleton.wmv>Gorillas and skeletons </a>
length: 1:31 File size: 7.81 MB

<a href=/new_movies_here/dageki_thomas.wmv>Akira fighting a "keep away" Kage </a>
length: 0:35 File size: 3.01 MB

Both movies are in Windows Media Format but don't worry, the compression is ultra crisp. Enjoy!
Originally posted by: Winston Smith

Mr. Bungle:
fuck you, idiot. look it up.
and the chicken looks better and goes slower on the arcade version.

According to Hiro, the chicken crossed the road to get to the other side.

According TO Hiro, the CHICKEN crossed the ROAD to get TO the other SIDE.

On page 178 of the Gamest Mook it says it crossed to get to the other side. And Hiro says so, too.

brummm!!........brummmmm!!! gonnna kicik tha t chickens ass to teh moon so hard!!......

hah hah dudE that cow is gay!w this iis a funNy thread

Ha! Ha! That's all good man. Chickens are cool. And roads are cool too. It's all good. Chickens have interesting feet. Did you know reptiles---
[Continued ad infinitum. Text too long to post. Too rambling to gather even a vague synopsis.]
Here is the practice clip between ghetto-SHUN vs. CrewNYC The older clip was a practice clip to show the compression level. Here is the new clip. The original one was over 9:00 min. long, the new one is 1:28, new footage, music, and better quality.

<a href=new_movies_here/vfpracticenew.WMV>ghetto-SHUN (Nelson) vs. CrewNYC (Andy)</a>
Length: 1:25 File Size: 7.0MB
Windows Media Format

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The Codes and Tricks document has been updated thanks to piccolo and Mr. Bungle. Check it out!
Heres a short trailer to the VFDogs demo tape. This video contains some quick cuts from a quick morning vf session that we had. We'll work on releasing the full VFDogs shortly

VFdogs Short Trailer
Length: 0:42 File Size: 4.3MB

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