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Still coming to grips with Virtua Fighter 4? There are two new documents available under the Sabaki attacks and <a target="_blank" href=>Evading</a>. So, if you're unsure on the mechanics of Sabaki attacks, or Evading, then be sure to read them up.
I'm pleased to (finally) announce the opening of the following sections on VFDC:

<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Media</font color=orange> - an index to VF media sites
[*]<font color=orange>Events</font color=orange> - an archive of past, present and future VF related events
[*]<font color=orange>IRC</font color=orange> - information on how to chat with other VFers
[*]<font color=orange>Links</font color=orange> - an index to VF related and various other sites
[*]<font color=orange>About Us</font color=orange> - just in case you don't know what the site is about
Comments, suggestions and feedback are welcomed. If you run a VF site, let me know so I can put it in the Links section.

Long overdue, but I'm hoping they were worth the wait. The VF4 Command Lists have been given the VFDC treatment.

In the VF4 Character sections you'll find a link to the Command List. It has a database back-end which makes it possible to sort the moves by their properties. If a column heading is clickable it means you can sort in descending order by that column. Click it again for an ascending sort, or click on the name column to return to default view.

Once frame data becomes available it will be easy to view your character's attacks from the slowest to fastest, or even filter out moves recovering in under X frames, for example.

The command lists were based off the Perfect Guide and Mr. Bungle's General FAQ.

As usual, if you find any errors, please let me know. And finally, a big thankyou to Moby who helped me convert the ascii command lists! *phew* There's still a little polishing to do and the addition of a commands legend, so expect a minor update soon.
Huge update in the VF4 section. In it you'll find the following documents:

<font color=orange>Updated!</font color=orange>
>> VF4 General FAQ by Mr. Bungle
>> VF4 Transcribed Combos by Mr. Bungle

<font color=orange>New!</font color=orange>
>> VF4 Counter List by Mr. Bungle
>> VF4 Kage TFT Combos by Mr. Bungle
>> VF4 Kage Guide by uk-guy

<font color=orange>As a bonus!</font color=orange>
>> VF3tb Uramawari by GodEater

<font color=orange>But wait, there's more!</font color=orange>
>> VF4 Character story lines by SummErs.

Many thanks go out to all contributors.
That's right, <a target="_blank" href=>The Pai Dojo</a> has opened! You can find the whole shebang uploaded: moves analysis, flow charts, combos, step 1 strategy, and links. Yes, ice-9 loves you too.

P.S. Apologies for the incorrect Lion Dojo link!
I present to you, in time for the holidays, <a target="_blank" href=>ice-9's VF4 Lion Dojo</a>. You will find everything from moves analysis, flowcharts, combos, step 1 strategy, and Lion links. Please don't hesitate to <a target="_blank" href=>e-mail me</a> for any comments, questions, or corrections.

From everyone here at VFDC, Merry Christmas!!

P.S. The combos section in the Jeffry Dojo has also been updated with corrections and additions.
The Flow Charts section has finally been added to the <a target="_blank" href=>Jeffry McWild Dojo</a>. Also, the Combos section has been reorganized with added comments.
Opening Flash Introduction
>> <a target="_blank" href=>Main Index</a>
The VF4 Jeffry Step 1 guide has been split up into separate documents as part of ice-9's new Dojo series: <a target="_blank" href=>The VF4 Jeffry McWild Dojo</a>. The moves analysis, combos, and Step 1 strategy sections have been updated since first publication. Jeffry's flowchart section to come soon.
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